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Want to Migrate your chat history from iOS to Android? Whatapp has Good News for you

whatsapp to migrate messages from ios to android

Recently WhatsApp has rewarded its users. It launched a new feature that made it effortless for users to migrate their chat history when they plan to switch from iOS devices to Samsung Android. This allows the user’s chats on WhatsApp to remain consistent across all mobile platforms.

The feature will be useful for many who have experienced difficulty sharing conversations between different operating systems before this update was made available.

The WhatsApp instructions for migrating to a Samsung device can be summarized as follows:

1. Make sure your new Android smartphone is factory reset or brand-new 2. Do not install any apps on it prior to the migration

Here is an easy method for you if you want to transfer WhatsApp messages from an old iOS device to a new Samsung phone?

WhatsApp migration is the process of transferring your chat history and media files from an older iPhone to a newer one. This means that after you complete this process, WhatsApp will still exist on your old phone unless you delete it or wipe its data completely. You can also check all your messages from the WhatsApp web even if you have WhatsApp on any of your devices, iOS or Android.

Your transferred messages don’t go into cloud storage either; they just vanish when migrating over to a new device!