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How to Unlock Your Android Phone if you Forget the Password?

Unlock Your Android Phone

Have you ever forgotten your phone’s password or PIN?

Do you want to learn various methods to unlock your phone? 

If yes, then you would know that unlocking a locked Android phone is problematic. Several Android phone users face these issues frequently. So, if you want to know other roundabout and easy ways to unlock your Android phone without having to put in the password, then you have come to the right resource. 

The most common way to unlock your phone if you forgot the password or PinPin is by factory reset. It is usually termed as the safest and best method. The only concern that arises here is about the data stored on the Android device in question. 

Will the data on the phone be lost entirely if you do a factory reset?

If the data is not backed up on your Google account, there is no other way to recover any data, be it your contacts or photos. But, not to worry, some phone unlocking methods do not erase the phone’s data. 

Hence, if you want to learn about such unlocking methods. You can find various ways to unlock android phone on this resource if you ever forget the password. And unlocking methods not just for Android phones, but even Windows mobiles, Windows PCs, iPhones, Mac laptops, etc. There is a solution for every possible device. 

Before we proceed with different methods for unlocking Android phones, few basic steps that you must see through are: 

That being noted, let us see the various methods to unlock your Android phone if you forgot the password or PinPin. 

Method 1: Through Google Find My Device. 

Every Android device has the feature of c or Android Device Manager. This feature helps unlock the phone and can also be used to find the lost Android device by playing a sound remotely on the said device. 

If you decide to follow this resetting method, be aware that all of your phone’s data will be lost. You cannot recover it after reset, nor can you locate the lost Android device. Without further ado, carefully follow up the steps given below. 

Method 2: Factory Reset your Android Phone. 

If you choose to go with the factory reset method to unlock your Android phone, you have to be patient as it is a pretty lengthy process. The steps are mentioned below.

Step 1- 

Step 2- 

Step 3- 

Step 4- 

Step 5- 

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Method 3: Hard Reset your Android Phone. 

Hard resetting is commonly used to unlock an Android phone when the user forgets the phone password, PIN, or pattern lock. But, keep in mind that a hard reset erases all the data present on the device. So, let us follow up with the necessary steps required. 

Step 1- 

Step 2- 

Step 3- 

Hence, the steps mentioned above are the resetting methods to unlock your Android phone if you forget the password.