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Volokit: Review & Alternatives to Stream Free NHL, NFL, and Football in 2022

Best Volokit Alternatives

Looking for Volokit to watch your favorite stream? You are at the exact place.

Watching sports for free on the web is becoming more accessible due to websites like volokit designed for this purpose. Paying for extra service is not the most appealing option, particularly if you don’t have the leisure or financial resources to subscribe to a sports package. That’s the reason we have created this list of free sports streaming platforms! We are going to discuss each site and its merits and demerits in this article.

Our Best Picks For Volokit Alternatives At a Glance


  • Stream2watch
  • Sport Category
  • Roja Directa
  • Pirlo TV

Best For

  • Live TV and live sports programs
  • Hockey, tennis, football, cricket
  • High-quality football broadcasts
  • Volokit NFL stream

About Volokit

Volokit is a streaming platform where you can enjoy sports and tournaments from different sports. Volokit allows you to watch regular-season and postseason games in HD quality right from your desktop. During the streaming, Volokit also features a live chat box to the side of the broadcast where you may interact with other viewers.

Important Note
Some of the Volokit Alternatives may not open/work because they require a VPN/VPS to work in your region

10 Best Volokit Alternatives for Watching Sports Online

1. Stream2watch – Best Volokit Alternative


Stream2Watch is the alternative of Volokit and it offers both live TV and live sports programs. However, you will need to register for a free trial to watch the broadcasts; the connections are truly beneficial.

Boxing, volleyball, soccer, and cricket are among the sports available on the platform. This Volokit nba Will benefit you a lot if you are a sports fan

This Volokit NFL alternative does not contain its own material; instead, it gathers links from other websites. Because some of the sites may point to illegal streaming or be disabled, this is a possible disadvantage of the platform.

You may have to live with some annoying advertisements and faulty websites, but the chance to watch sports from all across the world is worthwhile. Overall this Volokit is streamtowatch alternative.



2. Roja Directa – A Famouse Alternative of Volokit

Roja Directa

Among all Volokit streams coming out as alternatives, Roja is second. We suggest RojaDirecta if you want a straightforward, no-fuss website that offers high-quality football broadcasts.

The site includes access to football games from a variety of nations, as well as basketball and volleyball broadcasts.

Many connections are available, such as AceStream or Flash links. It means you may select the connectivity type that best suits your system.

Backlinks come with cautions, which also apply to RojaDirecta. A few of the links may not function, and several others may be in a language you are unfamiliar with. Even so, we observed that the overall performance of streams offered on RojaDirecta is higher than that of other challengers. It’s a great volo kit alternative.



3. SportCategory – Live Sports Stream

Sport Category

Sports Catagory is a brilliant Volokit NFL and Volokit nba alternative. There will be fewer advertisements and you will be able to enjoy your favorite sport more.

This website serves as a link between fans and players. So sit down and pick from a choice of streams; featuring team sports and multiple sports such as hockey, tennis, football, cricket, etc.

All you have to do is choose a sport stream that suits your preferences and watch battles happening on grass, snow, or the road. If you can’t locate your chosen sport or club, don’t worry; all streams are uploaded as quickly as possible.



4. Pirlo TV – Site like Volokit

Pirlo TV

Pirlo TV is a Volokit NFL stream platform that allows users to stream live matches from teams across the world. Pirlo TV is a live sports broadcasting channel that you may view through the Internet. In addition, you may readily load the programs on various devices to allow users to watch IPTV.

Since the website is an online app; that does streaming; all you need is decent internet access. Several other applications are available, but it is known to be at the forefront due to their continual updating and quality enhancement.



5. FirstRow Sports – Site Like Volokit

FirstRow Sports

Throughout the last three or four years, FirstRow Sports has been associated with sports live streaming. It is also called nfl streams volokit alternative. It is well-liked among football enthusiasts.

Streams for nearly every football game in the world and streams for other games; including, volleyball, boxing, and rugby, may be found there. Streamings are organized by sport, making it simple to get to the game you are looking for.

All connections on this platform lead to other websites. That’s why there is no guarantee that each stream will function properly.

Getting the correct stream from this Volokit Alternative takes a massive amount of time and energy. Furthermore, most connections have at least two pop-up advertisements, making the entire experience less appealing.



6. Batman Stream

Batman Stream

BatmanStream seems to be another service that offers streaming connections and Volokit alternation for various games. BatmanStream has the most accessible sports. It covers all the unusual sports.

The majority of the HQ broadcasts go to a separate website, where viewing material requires a subscription fee. Only a few of the “Flash Streams” operate, and only after many pop-ups.

This Volokit Alternative itself has a lot of advertising, making it complex to operate and navigate. The structure is also touchingly chaotic, which may be difficult for new users to navigate.



7. Mama HD

Mama HD

Mama HD is a free website and Volokit alternative for sports streaming service that keeps you up to date on the latest live televised sporting events from around the world.

Even though it is an online pirate streaming platform, it has a polished look. It is divided into several categories, and the site is said to provide the highest quality free streaming videos.

You can watch and enjoy multiple sports on this free Volokit Alternative website. It has a section that contains the left-out tournaments in the primary categories. On this platform, you may talk for free and obtain high HD quality stuff; at a fair speed. You may also stream Formula 1 or Boxing games in addition to soccer.



8. LiveTV – A Volokit competitor


LiveTV is a free online sports streaming platform where you can watch various sports for free. Baseball, football, the NFL, and rugby are among the represented sports on this Volokit alternative platform.

It features a user-friendly interface with several sections such as highlights, matches, networks, etc. You can also have a look at the old game results, scores, and live tournaments.

LiveTV also has IOS and Android apps accessible for saving from the app store and play store, in addition to the website’s layout. You’ll get alerts and proper game updates irrespective of your visit to the streaming site.



9. Navscore


Navscore is another Volokit NFL al free sports smartphone app that lets you quickly get API information for various sports leagues. This useful tool, created by Nav Gem, allows you to view research information that can be used to anticipate or expect the outcome of any sporting event, whether it’s in the top leagues or a local tournament.



10. Vola Sports – Similar sports like volokit

Vola Sports

Vola Sports is a rebirth of Wow Sports, with a nearly identical User Interface but additional capabilities like “PIP Mode” and “Night Mode,” among other things. It does include a few other useful features, such as Streams and Highlights. You can stream dozens of sports on this platform.



Best Streaming Sites For Sports Like Volokit

1. Streamhunter

Streamhunter is a simple yet popular website that provides access to some of the top stream connections, allowing you to watch and enjoy your best live sporting events from anywhere. You can experience live sport streaming on your personal devices with just one click using your internet access. All of this without needing to pay any additional fees.

Streamhunter presents you with a list of live stream URLs that you may use to watch your favorite live telecasts. Using this platform, your life will be easier and less stressful. You may navigate your way to the game you desire. Soccer, rugby, volleyball, American football, tennis, and polo are among the sports represented.

2. Streamcomando

Streamcomando provides you with the ultimate online streaming service of your favorite live sporting events and games. The website is sleek and has a rather dynamic layout, giving it a very professional appearance. They offer both HD and SD broadcasts, so if you’re watching on your smartphone or tablet, you can simply choose the stream resolution that best suits your needs.

In addition, to live to stream, Streamcomando offers highlights, live updates, and an online TV that broadcasts some of the most famous channels such as Eurosport, Sky Sports, NFL Network, and others.

They include a free service as well as a premium service registration.

3. Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is an exclusive service from Fox Sports. Streamings of all Fox Sports channels are available. Since its formal introduction on 8th October 2013, the platform has gained massive popularity in the era of sports lovers. Special live events and historical footage from the Big East Conference, National Lacrosse League, and UEFA Champions League are available on the site. They also offer their mobile applications for both Ios and android.

By streaming on this website, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite live shows wherever you are. You can utilize the platform to surf a variety of other services that aren’t available on the website. Also, you should have a look at the mobile app. The site also provides data and current scores for sporting events taking place across the world, mostly on Fox channels. As a result, if you’re looking for a legitimate site to broadcast your favorite events, this would be it.

4. ESPN – Official Streaming like Volokit

ESPN’s website is a fantastic alternative to the company’s cable offerings. It offers various excellent sports information, such as tournament broadcasts, analysis videos, and recaps. Volleyball, American football, and cricket are among the most famous sports on ESPN. It has also begun to cover MMA and football!

While the replays and commentary videos are available, live matches will cost a membership. You may log in with your current TV/cable account or buy a streaming membership directly on the internet.


Are the websites like volokit for streaming illegal?

Many unauthorized websites might get you in hot water. The ones discussed in this article are completely safe to use. Some even feature a streaming platform so you can enjoy your favorite sporting events while you’re on the go.

How to protect data during online streaming?

When visiting sports streaming services, the best method to keep secure is to utilize a VPN. It protects you from your ISP and any third parties by encrypting your connection. It would also allow you to access prohibited websites and watch sports online from wherever.

Is there any chance to watch sports for free?

Several websites broadcast live sporting events. In this list, we have included both premium and free choices. However, because many sites do not cover all sports, the accessibility of the event you wish to watch might be an issue.

How to stream sports without a Cable Tv?

For most families, cable television is a primary source of amusement. If your cable TV isn’t functioning for some reason, you may watch your favorite sports online using the top websites for online sports streaming featured in this article. Tablets, PCs, and cellphones may all readily visit these sites.

Do I require VPN to watch sports on Volokit for free?

You may or may not require a VPN. It depends on the area and the broadcasting website you’re accessing. However, everyone who streams anything from the web should utilize a VPN to protect themselves from third-party tracking. If the material you want to watch is prohibited outside of a specific region, you’ll need a VPN.


If Volokit stops working for you, then there is no worry. We have discussed the famous working Volokit Alternatives with you. Also have reviewed some of the best platforms to cater to your sports viewing needs. Pick the one you like.