Ajman – The Pearl Of The Persian Gulf

When people think about traveling to the UAE their first thought is Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Booking apartments in Downtown Dubai, strolling along the Palm Jumeirah, and getting to the highest floors of the Burj Khalifa. But imagine leaving busy, noisy Dubai and driving only half an hour along a picturesque comfortable highway, you find yourself in an amazing world of silence, untouched white sands, sea, and greenery. This is Ajman – one of the northern emirates of the UAE.

The popularity of the emirate

Ajman is considered the smallest emirate, its area is only 260 square kilometers. Like most cities and towns in the northern part of the country, it originated on the coast of the Gulf. In the old days, the small seaside town was the center of fishing and the main supplier of pearls in the region. Now it is a beautiful modern resort city, an active business investment center.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa come to the emirate to spend their holidays here, and many of them are actively interested in buying real estate. Someone is attracted by the purchase of housing on the principle of “worthy and affordable”, someone is a year-round swimming and sunbathing season, someone is the compactness and convenience of a small principality that has excellent communication with other emirates and all the necessary infrastructure.

Constantly developing

Flagship real estate is in particular demand – fully integrated complexes of residential, office, and hotel skyscrapers “Ajman 1”, “Pearl of Ajman” and “Cornish Residence”. Residential areas and separate buildings are also being built in the city center, several five-star hotels, resorts, and an international airport. Even though Ajman is easily accessible from the two major airports of Dubai and Sharjah – only 15-20 kilometers away – the emirate intends to have direct air links with other countries and its own airport capable of receiving about a million passengers a year.

The magnificent Arabian palace “Ajman Palace” (Ajman Palace), fashionable “Kempinski” and “Ramada” hospitably welcome guests from around the world. The exquisite oriental resort hotel “Ajman Saray” of the legendary “Stanwood” chain and the respectable “Fairmont” also came into operation. An extensive resort area is developing outside the city, on the northern coast. A multi-purpose tourist complex “Al Zora” is being built there, consisting of four world-class resorts with exclusive apartments and villas, a 12-kilometer picturesque promenade, a marina club, golf courses, and an amusement park “Mangrove World”.

To every taste

Travelers and vacationers coming to the emirate can find activities and entertainment here to suit all tastes.

  • Adherents of beach and family holidays on the sea coast are waiting for cozy hotels and fun water activities.
  • Admirers of antiquity and excursions to historical places will take their souls to museums and ancient forts.
  • The “hunters” for shopping will not get bored either – they will have an exciting journey through beautiful modern shopping centers, colorful oriental bazaars, and bustling shopping streets.
  • Sports-minded travelers can dive, swim, ride the steep sandy slopes on a sandboard or go on a desert safari.
  • For those who are passionate about medical health tourism, Ajman is also ready to make several interesting offers. On the territory of the emirate, there are advanced multidisciplinary medical institutions of the largest regional healthcare networks GMC, DM Healthcare, and Aster.

Investing in real estate in Ajman

Gaining tourist popularity, the flourishing oriental resort of Ajman stands out more and more brightly on the world map and its image becomes more and more attractive – an emirate with a stable, economically prosperous, secure future. Emirate, where it is pleasant to relax, and where it is convenient and joyful to live! According to experts, the expected price increase by the end of the year is 15-20%. Hurry up to book your property at attractive prices! For more information contact Emirates.Estate website.

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