Apple is planning to launch its search engine at WWDC 2022

Apple is a huge multinational technology company that is taking over the world. But currently, according to the news, Apple is trying to take over google by launching a new user-centric search engine for its users.

Apple claims that Safari and iOS install bases have reached a broad audience. They believe they can launch a separate search engine for such many Apple users. In short, Apple will try to give a tough competition to google.

However, Apple didn’t announce this news officially. One of the tech blogger Robert Scoble tweeted on this topic. In his tweet, he listed several things which Apple may announce at World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2023. He says he tweeted this based on conversations with the sources and partly on deduction.

Scoble also says that the Apple search engine will be the most expensive product launch of all time.

Apple surely has a long-standing rivalry with Google. But Apple currently uses Google as a default search engine in Safari and IOS. According to the recent reports, Apple receives a total of $20 billion per year in exchange for making google its default search engine. Also, it has signed a contract with Google that it won’t release its search engine, and doing so will be against the agreement between both parties.

Scoble further said that the new search engine will probably have a user-centric web search. The official announcement about the search will be made soon but will be functional from January 2023.

But this rumor is not new at all. The rumor about Apple’s new search engine was circulated multiple times, but nothing came out. Let us see is it correct this time or, is it just another rumor in the market.

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