Best Crypto Accounts to Follow on Twitter in 2023

Reliable information about the cryptocurrency market is hard to find on the Internet. There are a lot of articles and courses, but we can’t speak about its relevance and usefulness in general. Over time, people interested in digital currency updates conclude that the most reliable source of such information is top crypto Twitter accounts.

We all know the stories of the tremendous success of those who invested in Bitcoin a few years ago. Why not follow them and gain experience?

Crypto Accounts to Follow on Twitter

What to Look For When Choosing a Twitter Account to Follow?

Everyone has heard about cryptocurrencies, and it seems that everything has been said about them. Nevertheless, there are a lot of questions that are not so easy for beginners to understand. How to start trading crypto? What trading strategy to choose? What should be the starting amount of investment? Where and how to buy digital coins profitably and safely? How to minimize risks and maximize profits? The best crypto Twitter accounts can tell you all about it.

  • The first thing to understand when evaluating an account is whether it is successful. After all, someone who is not able to make money himself cannot teach others. 
  • The next point is the evidence base. Quality infographics always catch the eye, any analytical information is easier to perceive with visuals. 
  • The last but most important thing is objectivity and truthfulness. Check if there are positive mentions of altcoins with low liquidity on the account. If there are, it’s possible that the influencer just got money for advertising, so be careful.

Vitalik Buterin

The blog of the developer of the second most capitalized cryptocurrency is very informative. Vitalik Buterin shares with his Twitter readers the latest news on the project. In addition, the developer is one of the most active participants in online discussions, which are in one way or another related to the digital asset market. Often users note that Vitalik can be asked any difficult questions about Ethereum, and he will find an answer to each and every one of them without ignoring any of his subscribers. Not surprisingly, Vitalik quickly managed to gather 4M subscribers. It is one of the youngest crypto Twitter influencers that is definitely worth listening to. 

Changpeng Zhao

In the microblog of the creator of the most popular digital asset exchange (Binance), you can find the latest news about his project. If you’re looking for answers on how blockchain and Web3 work, his account is the one for you. Changpeng also likes to discuss current issues in the market with members of the crypto community and other popular personalities in the crypto space. His account is always lively and the discussions never stop, so you can always get useful information there from different points of view.

Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor, the founder of MicroStrategy, became the first CEO of a public company to use his company’s money to buy cryptocurrency. Thanks to this, he quickly turned from an ordinary millionaire into a celebrity billionaire. You can’t find such an ardent supporter of BTC on the Internet as Michael. He is sure that the future is in this cryptocurrency, so he is constantly talking about new applications for it. It really pays off for those who want to know everything and even more about Bitcoin, but users who are interested in other cryptos may not find there what they are looking for.


Cryptodiffer is an excellent website for tracking information about changes in cryptocurrency prices and the most current news. Also on this platform, you can find educational information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Such a service is a useful tool for beginners and experts that contains, perhaps not all, but most of the necessary information about the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as fundamental and investment analysis. 

Whale Alert

Whale Alert is a transaction monitoring service for large cryptocurrency wallets. It is a Twitter bot that automatically tracks and notifies users about large cryptocurrency transactions on various blockchain platforms. The service automatically detects the size of the transaction and identifies the sender and recipient. It is a useful tool for analyzing the cryptocurrency market and it provides users with important information about the actions of major market players, which can be used to make investment decisions. The service also helps in combating fraud and tracking transactions related to cryptocurrency wallet thefts and hacks. 

Crypto Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to find interesting information about crypto on social media. They are necessarily indicated on the posts of crypto influencers on Twitter. Here are the most popular ones:

  • #cryptocurrency;
  • #blockchain;
  • #btc;
  • #crypto;
  • #ico;
  • #mining;
  • #eth.


Each of the Twitter crypto influencers we named is an expert in this field with his opinion and analysis, but it is worth remembering that it is up to you to choose. We hope that the information provided by us will be enough for you to find the best Twitter account to follow.

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