5 Ways A Dispatch Software Can Ease The Job Of Fleet Managers

Safety of children and smooth transportation are two challenges parents complain about when transferring their kids to a new school. Fleet management is a big job, and when you’re responsible for the well-being of your students, making sure they are picked up and dropped off at their right destinations becomes a high priority. You don’t want to run into any problems and make sure the kids get back home safely.

Here are 5 ways how fleet management and dispatch software for K-2 schools can make your job easy as a manager.

1. Easy & Efficient Fuel Monitoring

One of the biggest expenses arising in fleet management is unwarranted fuel expenses. School bus tracking software leaves no room for errors and automatically tracks fuel spending for every vehicle. The software has features bundled with it that provide real-time monitoring and analytics on how much fuel is being consumed by vehicles. It also gives insight into driving patterns, weather conditions, routes and navigation, and any other factors involved that influence fuel usage.

2. Get Live Updates

It can be devastating to lose track of a bus or vehicle on the road. Besides driver safety issues, making sure kids get to school safely or your cargo is transported on time is important. Your business can suffer a huge blow if care is not taken. This is where fleet management solutions make a difference. Fleet management software also bundles telematics solutions that give insight into your vehicle’s engine performance and dashboard data. 

You get access to fault codes and get real-time visibility into what’s going on inside your car or truck’s engine. This makes maintenance easier and prevents sudden vehicle breakdowns in the middle of the road. And in the event any breakdowns do happen, the software can automatically notify fleet managers and send alerts, thus making requesting help a lot easier. Satellite and GPS tracking devices linked to the software make tracing down lost vehicles easy as well.

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3. Prevents Reckless Driving 

For drivers who constantly get into trouble for speeding and can’t seem to get over it, the software eases them into road rules. If the driver is caught speeding up, AI dashcams and user interface trigger a voice alert and tell them in real-time. This conditions drivers into paying attention to the road and making sure they stick to speed limits, even if they’ve developed unconscious habits. 

Fleet management software will retrain their senses and teach them how to be better drivers, thus making obeying road rules a very intuitive experience. It just doesn’t help out drivers, but the fleet managers too! Since when employees become confident, they do a better job doing what they do. By preventing reckless driving behavior, you also save money and cut down on business losses resulting from missing or damaged items or any road mishaps. It pays off long-term.

There are mechanisms built into programs that automatically hit the brakes when drivers take sharp turns, thus preventing rollovers for heavy vehicles and providing greater stability control. 

We could go on and on, but the software takes care of your surroundings when you’re driving. It’s like having a few extra pairs of eyes to guide you. If there are any vehicles approaching from behind or the truck risking a collision when parking in reverse, the software will notify you.

4. Managing A Fleet Becomes Easy

This is pretty obvious but using dispatch software for fleet management makes your job easy. Think about it. When you’re handling various vehicles simultaneously or have to handle a huge fleet, having software that can provide real-time feedback about their location, shipment status, and overall vehicle condition can be invaluable. You know exactly what’s going on and in case of delayed shipments, can make adjustments. 

GPS and satellite navigation also optimize routes and tells drivers which routes to take to get to GPS and satellite navigation used by truck and delivery drives such as google maps, route planners, and more here, help optimize routes and tell drivers which routes to take to get to destinations faster. They also take traffic and weather into consideration when making recommendations.

5. Prevents Theft & Boosts Business Revenue

You also don’t have to worry about missing items or any theft when using dispatch software solutions for fleet management. There’s a feature that cuts off the electric supply when someone tries to break into the vehicle without a key. Real-time alerts are sent instantly if the vehicle is on the verge of being hi-jacked. You also don’t have to monitor the vehicle 24X7 or keep checking your screen. 

Ever thought about how big brands like Amazon and Levi’s handle their logistics and keep customers happy? The secret lies in automatic asset tracking and management solutions.  When you’re a large corporation, you don’t have time to look into individual vehicles or do manual checkups. But the software does all this for you. 

Also, at the end of the day, it’s about efficiency. By automating the task of managing and monitoring vehicles, you take care of the legwork on the supply chain level and get to focus on what matters most – that is, running your business and launching new products. 

If you’re serious about growing and want smoother operations for your brand, having dispatch software linked to your vehicles is necessary. And an efficient business workflow translates to greater customer satisfaction. When your customers get their products delivered to their doorstep on time, you’ll be getting raving reviews flowing online. And this doesn’t just extend to large corporations but startups and mid-scale businesses as well.


If you’re thinking of building a fleet or installing software that tracks your vehicles or shipments, then you’ll find fleet management solutions to be useful. Samsara is one of the industry pioneers in the field, and they provide cutting-edge AI-powered fleet software solutions that are worth checking out. Their software is easy to install, and it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to set it up. As a bonus, complete privacy and data integrity are ensured when you get the statistics delivered straight to your online dashboard. 

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