I Mostly Used Fiat Money To Buy BTC!

You can make bitcoins with different methods at your convenience. A major one among them is mining them. However, you can also receive bitcoins in exchange for goods and services that you may be selling at a certain point in time. Sometimes, you can also prefer purchasing crypto coins from the online cryptocurrency exchanges against the Fiat currency. The fiat coins most prominently used to purchase cryptocurrencies are US dollars and the Japanese Yen. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have been changing the valuation system for a very long period. However, there has been a lot of speculative trading in bitcoin worldwide, and therefore, people’s trust is decreasing in cryptocurrencies. You can click on https://bitcoins-evolution.com/ to learn more about bitcoin trading.

On the contrary, the people who do not believe in cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain system keep themselves away from the crypto space. Well, the increasing acceptability of bitcoins in all kinds of business organisations have been increasing all over the world. Even the local coffee shops, as well as the multinational corporations, are accepting payments in bitcoins. It shows that virtual currencies like bitcoin will remain in the system for a very long time. But, before you purchase the cryptocurrencies, you should know about the Fiat currency that you should prefer for this thing. You better pay for such a Fiat currency in exchange for bitcoins; that will be good for you. Here, you will get such information today.

United States dollar

While the Fiat currency is used to purchase bitcoins worldwide, the United States dollar contributes about 85.5% of the market share. It is the top Fiat currency used for purchasing bitcoins worldwide, and it has been maintaining its consistent rank for a very long time now. Bitcoin dealing has been done mainly with the United States dollars because of several factors in different corners of the world. First, a quick adopter of bitcoin and the new technology is the United States, and therefore, more people are involved in the transaction of bitcoin. Second, blockchain-based bitcoin has gained popularity in a brief period, so the United States dollar is mainly used for purchasing bitcoins. Third, in such a populous country like India, the individuals holding bitcoins directly go for the intermediaries. Therefore, for purchasing bitcoins, they have to convert their Indian rupee into United States dollar and then only they can purchase bitcoins through the same.   

Japanese Yen

The Japanese Yen contributes about 5% of the market share regarding the purchases made in bitcoins. It stands at the second position, and it was previously the leader. However, thanks to the Chinese ban on multiple cryptocurrencies and the closure of multiple China-based crypto exchanges in September 2017, the Japanese Yen became the second Fiat currency used in crypto exchanges. All the bitcoin activities from China were shifted to Japan after the ban.


Euro in Europe ranks at the third position for the top Fiat currency used in the Bitcoin exchange. The part of Europe played in the bitcoin exchanges has grown in the past few years. However, the European currency has remained confident that it will increase its share in the future and contribute to the spread of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Also, the German city of Berlin is planning to welcome bitcoins and therefore, it is undoubtedly going to increase its share in future.

Korean Won

The South Korean currency ranks fourth with a total market share of 3.2% in the cryptocurrency space. However, the share of KRW in the cryptocurrency space, especially bitcoin, has been declining at a massive scale after 2018. The country’s regulations and ban of cryptocurrency trading in Korea have led to this incident for a long time. It has been one of the most prominent reasons people are not capable of trading in bitcoins, and hence, the market share of KRW is decreasing significantly. Also, the country’s finance minister said that they do not intend to watch betting on suppressing the cryptocurrency market. However, in 2020, Korea became the first to impose regulations and bring cryptocurrency laws.

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