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Are you willing to partner with a brokerage company as an Introducing Broker (IB)? There are many brokerage companies with good remuneration packages and commissions for IBS. However, it is essential to understand what an Introducing Broker is all about before entering into a Forex Partnership with any brokerage company. Read on to learn about Introducing Broker (IB) and the companies offering the best IB commissions.

What is an Introducing Broker (IB)?

Brokerage companies invest in many means to entice new customers to open a Forex trading account with them. Many brokerages use the concept of Introducing Brokers (IB) to attract more clients. The IB MTrading has many functions, including acting as the intermediary between big brokerage companies and their traders. IB commission is given to Introducing Broker (IB) based on the volume of the trading operations the clients attracted perform.

Since acquiring clients is the primary function of IB, a huge amount of money is spent on advertisement. Due to the effectiveness of internet marketing, much of the IB investment goes into it. Many companies offer IB commissions for forex partnerships, but not all have the best commissions. Below are some brokerage companies offering the best IB commissions to Introducing Broker to attract customers.

The Best IB Commission Program


MTrading is a reliable and trusted brokerage company that is known for its transparency and dynamism when it comes to forex partnership programs. It offers one of the best IB programs in the industry, which made it the recipient of the World Forex Award for the Best Forex IB program in 2020. Partners earn from bringing new active clients a remuneration package of up to 60% with an additional reward of about 10% of the net deposit. Also, there is a sub-IBs commission of 10% for attracting customers with the remuneration payouts automated every week. There is no limit to the amount the IB can earn a commission as it all depends on the number of attracted customers. Using their referral link, IB can register and attract new customers.


Over the years, FBS has been one of the successful and famous brokerage companies in the Forex industry. Since its emergence over a decade, it has partnered in 190 countries and received recognition and awards for its forex partnership program. The number of clients attracted by partners in a month determines the remuneration scale available to them. Partners’ remuneration increases with an increase in the number of customers attracted. The least IB commission of the company is 40% for the partners which can increase to 70% based on the number of clients attracted. Also, for every document verified by the clients, there is a reward of about $16. It is due to the CPA model of cooperation the company offers. The country from which the attracted client hails influences the remuneration amount.


Libertex is among the oldest brokerage company, with its existence dating back to almost 25 years. Over the years, Libertex built a reputation that enticed IB and private traders to have a reliable forex partnership. There is a three-level affiliate program in which a 40% remuneration is available for the IB, including sub-IB profits of 3% to 15%. The level of the attracted IB causes the variation in the remuneration percentage. The company makes its affiliate program a great priority by assigning a personal manager to all the IB and providing training for new partners to take. Unlike some companies’ IB programs, Libertex IB earns after attracting the first partner.

Olymp Trade

The forex partnership program of Olymp Trade is advanced and one of the best in terms of profit. There is a direct working relationship between the clients of Olymp Trade and the IBS. The IBS include those with huge experience to share, such as financial market experts, local representative of the broker, and trading gurus. The remuneration program for the IBs is 50% to 60%, with an extra 10% sub-IB program. The remuneration package is one of the best any company can offer its partner, which is why it is among the best IB commissions.


Anyone active in the Forex industry can benefit from the forex partnership program of BDSwiss, a trusted brokerage company in the Forex industry. There is a reward for attracting customers to the company and providing its products and services. Becoming a partner is easy as the link on the company’s website. The quality of the transactions will determine the profit. BDSwiss offers a remuneration package of 50% through which IBs will receive about $6 per lot traded in major currency pairs. Also, a sub-IB commission of 5% is available to the IBS. The company’s payment options are wide as it allows many payment systems such as cryptocurrency, credit cards, bank transfers, and Skrill.


The activeness of the IB program of made it one of the leading brokerage companies in the Forex industry. The forex partnership program of the company varies. There is a remuneration of $25 per lot to the company’s partners. Also, there is a sub-IB commission of 10%, which IB can benefit from. The company provides a user-friendly interface for the partners to track the details of the statistical information and pay remunerations for attracting clients. The popularity of this company among IBs and ordinary clients is huge due to its openness and transparency. Also, partners can benefit from the occasional promotions the company organizes.


Brokerage companies help new traders open a trading account and provide them with the means to enter a trade. However, there are other means to earn in the Forex industry that does not involve trading, one of which is the IB program. Through the forex partnership, customers are attracted to the brokerage company, and the responsible party gets a commission for it. The commission offered by the company varies; thus, partnering with companies with the best IB commissions gives the partner the best remuneration, as explained in this article. The companies discussed above offer the best IB commissions for anyone interested in partnering with them.

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