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Nifty FMCG: Exploring Growth Opportunities in 2024


The index that tracks Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in India is referred to as Nifty FMCG. FMCG stocks are one of the best in the country and rank 4th overall among economic sectors in India. The sector comprises household and personal care, healthcare,  and food and beverage products. The lifestyle of people is changing and the rise in online shopping has made FMCG stocks valuable. 

We’ll learn more about the top Nifty FMCG companies, their share price, and the best options to invest in. 

What is the Nifty FMCG index?

The FMCG sector is really big and investors find it hard to know which companies will be right for their portfolio. Thus, the Nifty FMCG index tracks the performance of the top 15 FMCG brands in the country across personal care, tobacco, household items, beverages, etc.

Nifty FMCG

The index is calculated with a free-float market capitalization-weighted method. Companies that have high market capitalization have more weightage and vice versa. You can get an overview of FMCG stocks through the index and analyze individual companies as well as the overall performance of the sector.

Key Strategies To Invest in FMCG Shares

The following strategies will help you invest in FMCG stocks in the best way. You should consider your overall financial goals and risk tolerance level to make an informed decision.


Go for FMCG brands that have a diverse portfolio of products. Their products should have high brand equity and must be different from each other. Companies with a diverse portfolio of products have an advantage over similar brands in the sector.

Valuation Ratio 

You can analyze the valuation ratios of companies to know the attractiveness of their shares. During investment, you should know whether the stocks are overvalued or undervalued. Through the valuation ratios like P/E and P/B, you can buy stocks during market downturns, price drops, and sell-offs. 

Revenue Growth

Investors should consider FMCG stocks that can reap high profits in the future. Make sure to analyze the future revenue growth of companies before you purchase their shares. Perform market research and go with brands that have high potential to grow their revenue. Such companies will generate profits and their shares will increase in price. 

Top FMCG Companies in India to Invest in 2024

The following table will tell you about the top FMCG companies in India to invest in 2024 along with information like Nifty FMCG share price and more. 

Company StockMarket Cap Share Price
Hindustan Unilever LtdRs. 5,68,895 Cr.Rs. 2412
ITC LtdRs. 5,09,959 Cr. Rs. 406
Britannia Industries LtdRs. 1,17,717 Cr. Rs. 4965
Godrej Consumer Products LtdRs. 1,26,029 Cr.Rs. 1257
Dabur India LtdRs. 95,034 Cr. Rs. 538


FMCG stocks are always in demand due to wide product usage and need. As a result, it can help investors diversify their portfolios with top FMCG companies. However, one should invest as per their risk appetite and overall investment goals. To start your investing journey, visit Dhan now. 

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