How Do Phone Transcription Services Help Your Business?

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, technological advancements, and global business outsourcing, most companies now conduct most of their meetings and transactions on the phone or online. This results in large volumes of audio recordings. Phone transcription is the process of converting the audio from calls into text documents.

Benefits of Phone Transcription Services

It’s become harder to imagine a successful company that doesn’t utilize the internet or phone for communication, sales, and marketing. Most businesses yield a large quantity of audio content every day from phone calls. Transcribing phone calls is the fastest and easiest way to keep track of important decisions in the business and also avoid numerous problems.

This is one of the main reasons why many companies depend on services from professional transcription companies like GoTranscript. They have professionally trained and certified transcriptionists to capture phone call audio correctly. This great service results in up-to-date record keeping, which is essential for the survival of any business! Here are five benefits of phone transcription services.

Up-To-Date Meeting Minutes

Unless you’re a big company, having a professional minute taker can be a costly endeavor. Assigning someone in the team to capture the minutes can also delay the meeting as this means they cannot have a fuller, meaningful session. Compiling the minutes might also take a backseat since people have other urgent projects to complete for the business. Professional transcription companies enable you to simply record the conference or phone call and upload the file for quality transcription in a quick and reliable turnaround time!

Accurate Capturing of Customer Data

With call centers becoming an integral part of many businesses, phone call transcripts are a reliable source of important consumer data. Customer satisfaction can also be appropriately documented through transcription, giving the company clear indicators of where improvements are necessary. Professional and reliable transcription providers can fill that documentation need so that companies can continue focusing on their primary profit-making service.

Transcribing audio and video calls also comes in handy when the same customer calls again to follow up on their query and speaks to a different staff member. A transcript ensures that whoever communicates with the client is abreast with the situation, which helps the business avoid information duplication. Any disputes encountered over the phone can also be properly documented through transcription. This will result in companies resolving them in a manner that maintains the good image of the business.

Assessment of Staff Productivity and Training Requirements

Phone call transcription is an excellent way for companies to gauge how staff members interact with business clients and to offer training where required. Call transcripts also boost the professional image and productivity of the company as most staff members will deal with customers efficiently and politely. The data documented from phone call transcriptions can be a vital source of research for the human resources department when looking to hire new workers or promote certain staff members.

Market Research and Content Creation

Phone call transcription is a great tool for businesses to harvest marketing research data. Transcripts are text documents. Therefore, it’s easy to have them analyzed for keywords. The analysis will be helpful when companies want to formulate their strategies for the following calendar year.

When it comes to content creation, transcriptions can assist the marketing team in easily accessing any data captured during crucial meetings. Content creation can become more focused and aligned with critical decisions tabled during stakeholder meetings.

Business Information Access

Phone transcription services are wonderful for information dissemination as the transcripts can be easily made available to a vast sector of the company’s stakeholders, including the deaf and hard of hearing. Additionally, not everyone likes playing an audio recording of a call to gain information from it. Transcripts will mean people have a choice as to how they consume content.

Keep Boosting Your Business Growth!

Transcribing your company’s phone calls is a smart choice. It ensures you have a written record of all your conversations pertaining to important legal, financial, and marketing decisions in your business. It’s time to look for a reliable company that offers outstanding phone call transcription services that will meet any business need. Keep in mind that accuracy should be your top criterion. For more information, click

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