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QVC Host Dies on Air- Find 10 Real Reasons Why?

Quality Value Convenience, or QVC, is a famous shopping channel known for its home shopping entertainment content. It was established in 1986 in Pennsylvania. In the past years, it has gained many followers. They have been broadcasting channels in Germany, UK, Japan, and Italy. A short time ago, there was news spreading around the world that a QVC host dies on air.

qvc host died on air

This rumor took various forms as nobody had a real idea about what happened to the host on Live TV. The main focus was on the death of a female QVC host on a live broadcast show. People were saying that she was displaying some products on the show, and suddenly she became unresponsive and collapsed. Even though there are so many rumors about this news, in this article, we are here to clear the air surrounding the death of a female QVC host.

QVC Host Dies on Air

It’s with a heavy heart and a lot of sadness that we remember the incident of a female QVC host collapsing on air. The host was showing products on live air when suddenly it looked like she was having a stroke and she collapsed. She has a lot of experience in showing products on television. The news of her passing away made viewers upset all around the globe.

Lisa Robertson smiling at a show.

Who Is Lisa Robertson? 

During this news, rumors started spreading about the death of Lisa Robertson, a well-known QVC host. Lisa Robertson is a popular name among the people who watch QVC a home shopping network. Lisa started her career in the QVC show in 1995 and has worked for QVC for over two decades.

With time she gained much popularity among the people and became very famous. For her services to the QVC network, they awarded her one million dollars ($1) in annual compensation. She ended her career on Dec 12, 2014. She was also very famous on YouTube. Two years after she passed her videos still get thousands of views. She had a great number of years in this industry and due to her experience she was known as the “Queen of QVC”. As the news kept rotating around that Lisa had been dead people started to get worried about her whereabouts

Lisa with her friend at her wedding.

After one or two years in 2016, rumors regarding Lisa’s death began to circulate on the internet and other news channels. Some people started to believe that she was dead but there is news that she is healthy, well, and is working on her online store.  

Reason Behind Lisa’s Retirement From QVC Show

All of this fame sounds very interesting but comes with some price and sacrifices. She faced many challenges after becoming so famous and getting into the public eye. Throughout her career, she faced many rumors revolving around her, including her personal life.

During her career, she had to face 4 different stalkers who kept following her, showing up at her house, and even trying to involve her family which made her very worried and terrified. This problem got so serious that she quit her career and left QVC.

Lisa with Eric McGee.

What Caused the Rumor That Lisa Died on the Air?

There have been a lot of rumors about what happened to her during the live broadcast show but none of them has any verification. They all involve the statement that she became unresponsive and collapsed on the spot but no one exactly knows what happened to her. The reality is she did not die but it was someone else who collapsed and fainted due to some unknown reasons.

Reasons People Could Faint Suddenly

As she fainted on the spot, there can be many reasons behind what happened to her. Some of the factors related to fainting and death are explained in the following.


A stroke is a condition that happens when the blood supply to the brain stops or gets interrupted. This can either be due to the clot blocking a vessel and vein or this could either be due to blood vessel rupture. In this condition when a person suddenly collapses. This happens so fast that if it is not treated right or it does not get treatment in time, it could lead to death or brain failure.

Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest is an emergency that occurs when the heart stops beating or the heart stops functioning properly. There can be many reasons for this cardiac arrest for example heart attack can lead to cardiac arrest on the other hand if someone has an irregular rhythm in the heartbeat they may face it. When this condition happens, blood flow to the various body parts, including the brain, is reduced or stopped.

Lisa sitting during an Interview.

Top 10 Things About the QVC That No One Knows

1. QVC’s First Product ( A Shower Radio )

In 1986 right after the show was introduced in Nov a host named John introduced a Shower Radio on the QVC show on air. The product was launched for $11.49. This product made $ 7,400 in orders that day. And when they saw in 2001, it gave a figure of 80 million dollars.

Mike Rowe’s Breakthrough

Mike Rowe is an American show host who began to work in QVC in the early 1900’s. The interesting part is how he got this job. He had to explain the benefits of a number-two pencil to a QVC executive member to get the job. He did that so well that the interviewer wrote “You are Hired ” on the sheet right after eight minutes.

Interactive Promotions

When it all started early, QVC engaged users in promotions such as live drawings. One time they even made a 25000 dollar prize draw and promoted it if the user with a credit card matches a four-digit number, the user will be added to a $25000 prize draw.

Physical Retail Center of QVC

There are QVC official store outlets where people can get products at discounted prices. Buying products in person is even better sometimes than buying products online. So this reveals an extra dimension to QVC as they provide a retail store for their customers. 

Unique Trademark

David Venable has a special “happy dance.” He does it to make people happy. This dance helps him sell more things on QVC. Other hosts also have their special moves to connect with people. It makes QVC interesting for viewers. This was his technique that made him sell more products.

QVC was once Tricked

QVC faced fraud once. In 2005, a problem caused 1,800 items to vanish from the website. Quantina Moore-Perry found a way to order and get a refund. She was found guilty of fraud and then she had to give back over $400,000.

Rick Domeier tricked QVC to get his hosting job. He pretended to be his agent. Executives believed him. He’s been with QVC for 21 years.

So, QVC had fraud trouble, and Rick Domeier’s QVC journey has a surprising start in a horror film. Groovy.

 Another Case of fainting on QVC

Most of people know about this news which is kind of rotating around us of hsn host dies on air but there is another news too. In 2012 there was a host who was promoting the FunTab Pro Tablet. She was talking about the product with her costar when suddenly she collapsed. Later it was reported that she was suffering from low blood sugar levels.

QVC hosted a Christmas record bringing joy to the viewers

QVC hosts made a Christmas CD. It has recordings from many hosts, showing a family connection with viewers. David Venable and Lisa Robertson sang favorites like “Silent Night.” The CD “QVC’s Holiday Favorites from the QVC Family” is a special touch. QVC doesn’t air live on Christmas, making it the one day without programming.

Earnings and rewards of QVC hosts

QVC Host Dies On Air finds satisfaction in their work. Hosts juggle shopping control and winning over viewers. Despite claims of no commissions, experienced hosts in areas like cookware can earn over $500,000 annually. It’s a rewarding balance for successful QVC personalities.

QVC Guest Training: From Inventors to On-Air Stars

QVC guests need training. Hosts do most of the work, but guests lack broadcast experience. Guests go through a broadcast boot camp. 

The goal is to prevent stiffness on air. They learn to explain products, talk naturally to the camera, and stay cool under pressure. If needed, on-air talent services are available. It’s all about preparing QVC guests for live television.

What Is the Name of the Most-Paid QVC Actor?

David Venable is the most-paid QVC actor. His annual income is $500,000. David Venable has a net income of One million dollars. Previously, a few names, including Shawn  Killinger and Lisa Robertson, were considered highly paid actors.


In Conclusion, QVC’s journey from a shower radio to facing fraud challenges had a huge history. Innovation and interactive strategies made it all work. Tech integration in products made it more fascinating. The hosts used dances and techniques to get the viewers’ attention and introduced interactive promotions. 

But the unexpected stories always add interest like the woman who ordered and refunded products put a lot of pressure on QVC. The rumored news about a QVC host dies on air does not have any verification and it is said that she left QVC to start her online store. QVC also extends to its physical retail centers. Overall it’s not just shopping. It’s for an entertainment purpose too which is evolving the experience and making it different.


Is Lisa Robertson married?

Lisa Robertson talked about her connection with Eric McGee, a divorced personal trainer. Eric had two children too. They two appeared to be seen together on vacations and trips.

Is QVC Only About Televised Shopping?

No, QVC extends beyond screens with outlet stores offering discounted products and annual events like the Beauty Bash, providing a multi-dimensional shopping experience.

What Is the Net Salary of David Venable’s Net Worth?

David Venable’s net worth is 1 million dollars, which was in mid-2018.

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