Should I Buy Bitcoin Now?

Many bitcoin scammers will try to convince you to start investing under their talk, but it is your decision whether you should take consultation or not. Many people get into the trap of these scammers and lose their money, so the first thing to keep in mind is not to give money to a random person who is convincing you by saying get high returns.

Should I Buy Bitcoin

You should study Bitcoin technology by yourself, which will help you make the right decision. So you will find the suitable study material in this article. We researched for you to make your decision easy. The will guide you about bitcoin trading and investing.

Bitcoin Crash

November was the booming month for Bitcoin because Bitcoin hit its highest streak compared to its previous spot. In November 2021, bitcoin touched over $60,000, which was the highest streak of this digital coin. Many news articles and bitcoin video news published that the price of bitcoin will go above $1,00,000, but the forecast was wrong. Many people invested money at the time of its highest streak and lost money because the value of Bitcoin started diminishing. The currency cost of a bitcoin is thirty-nine thousand dollars at the current time. So the fall is sixty percent to this digital currency, and many people lose their cash because they did not research well before investing. 

There may be many reasons for the Bitcoin crash, but the primary reason is Russia’s announcement about the Bitcoin banning. Other countries are also making decisions on bitcoin regulations and restrictions. When the country’s citizens heard about the banning news, they started selling bitcoins at the market price without thinking they were in loss or profit. When Bitcoin users start bitcoin of sale, the value of bitcoin starts mining, and by diminishing the value, other Bitcoin beginners also begin selling the bitcoin in fear of loss. As a result, the importance of bitcoin starts falling continuously.

The motive for Buying bitcoin

Before spending money on this digital currency, ask yourself, “why do you want to purchase this cryptocurrency?” Do you want to purchase it just for fun? Or want to buy it to earn profit? Your why must be clear so you can make the right decision. Many people do not know why they should purchase bitcoin, and they purchase it because other people are making money with it. You will lose your money when you purchase bitcoin by seeing the profit of other bitcoin users. 

Trading versus Investing

There are multiple ways to make money with this digital currency, but the popular methods of making money are trading and investing, and you must know these two methods. 

Bitcoin Trading is a popular way of earning money, and many Bitcoin users are making money by using their trading skills. Bitcoin trading involves high risk because it is a short period of investing. You need special skills to make money with this short-term method, and you can only gain the skills with practice. You can anytime buy BTC with your credit card easily.

There is no theoretical concept in trading but a practical concept to make money. Many bitcoin beginners start with bitcoin trading but lose their money because they do not know the fundamentals of bitcoin technology. If you are serious about earning money in trading, then research a lot on bitcoin technology and understand the fundamentals of bitcoin trading. 

Bitcoin is investing:– If you are serious about making actual money, you should start with Bitcoin investing. Bitcoin investing is a long period of spending in Bitcoin cryptocurrency to earn massive profit from it. There is no skill required to make money, but one skill is patience. You have to spend money for more than five years if you want to earn the actual returns on your investment. The cost of this digital coin in 2013 was $111, but now you can watch the exact cost. The price of Bitcoin rises every year by some percentage, and after some years, you will get the amount that you cannot expect. So do not mess with bitcoin trading; instead, go with the actual earning method of bitcoin investing. 


The price of this digital coin fluctuates every second, and it is tough to decide whether you should purchase it or not. Only you will suffer after making any decision, and you should study hard before spending it. In case of serious earning, we recommend you go with a long period of spending because you will get massive returns but make decisions on your study or research.

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