Top Ways Technology Improves Productivity In The Workplace

The way that we work is continually evolving and changing. This is largely thanks to the improvement and development of technology which brings an abundance of new ways to help us complete our daily tasks. No matter if you have a large company or a small start-up, technology can positively impact your business in many ways. It can be utilized to instantly make your workforce more productive, to be more efficient in your processes, and to innovate in new ways.

You can get a lot more tasks completed in a day, ensure the health and wellbeing of those that work for you is increased, and also put yourself ahead of the competition. Here are some ways that technology can help with productivity in the workplace

The use of robots to assist with tasks

There are certain tasks that humans just aren’t as equipped to do quickly or easily. This could include lifting heavy objects or getting quickly from one place to another. Luckily the implementation of service robotics such as Robotnik can help with this. Robotnik designs manufacture and market mobile robots and mobile manipulators. It is currently a reference company in mobile robotics and is leading the way in showcasing just how robots can aid with productivity in the workplace.

Robots such as this are integral in bringing businesses forward, increasing the output of a company, and also improving health and safety in the workplace. For example, robots can get into places that humans can’t, they can lift items that could otherwise hurt someone were they to try and lift them and they can also move at a much faster pace. They can be very useful in warehouse but also for many others industries.

They can work autonomously but also collaborate with humans for many daily tasks. This can mean that workers can focus on other areas of the business, knowing that certain tasks are being taken care of.

The use of VR to conduct meetings from anywhere in the world

Virtual Reality is another way that technology can help employees to be more productive. After over a year of having to work from home, many of us have found that it just isn’t the same as being in the office. It’s harder to concentrate, you can’t just bounce ideas off your colleagues and it’s much harder to just ask a simple question as you can’t nip into someone’s office to ask them. This is where virtual reality comes in.

Virtual Reality is a great way to bring people together no matter where they are, still including the human element within the interaction. For while Zoom meetings are undeniably great, they just aren’t the same as face-to-face interaction. Connections can be fuzzy and as you are surrounded by your belongings and in your home setting it doesn’t feel so professional. With VR you can place on a headset and be transported to a meeting room anywhere in the world, able to interact with colleagues and clients as if you are all really there. VR is getting cleverer too – you can attend VR conferences, or sit in a meeting room complete with breakout spaces, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and beautiful views from the windows. 

The use of software to measure results

Before technology progressed it was much harder to analyze the areas of your business that were working and which ones needed the most assistance. Now, thanks to the myriad of tools out there, you can measure results and use these to adapt or develop your business plan.

One such program is Google analytics which enables you to see the different pages on your website, how many visitors they are getting per day, and how well they are performing. You can see the pages people land on when visiting your website, as well as the ones that they click off and abandon. Technology also enables you to track how you are spending your time. For example, there are programs such as ClickTime that enable your employees to input their expenses and mileage as well as the hours that they have worked that week or month, making it much easier for you to be informed of what is happening. It will also help employees to be more productive if they know that their hours are being tracked.

Programs such as Google Drive is another great technology solution to increase productivity as it means that any documents you work on can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. You don’t have to spend time sending yourself your work or downloading things from a memory stick as it is all there on the internet browser. It also means that if your computer’s IT systems were to go down or your computer was to break, you wouldn’t lose the work that you have been doing as it is backed up automatically to the cloud.

These are just a few ways that technology can help with increasing productivity in the workplace. What ways have you found that technology improves your day-to-day working life?

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