Time Management in Business: How To Make Time For Everything

So many business owners spend more time at work than they would like, desperate to find a balance between business and private life. In this article, you will find out the top tips that will help you make time for everything not only at work but in your social life as well. Let’s go!

Hurry up slowly

Lack of free time and time, in general, isn’t a reason to panic and frantically try to do this or that. By working systematically, you will have time to do much more than in a hurry.


The boss isn’t just the face of the company, but a role model for the staff.  In addition to work responsibilities, you must look presentable, be available to your subordinates 24 hours a day while making time for household chores and personal life.

In order not to miss anything and have time for everything, you should have at least two plans — long-term and short-term. A short-term plan —for the day and next week. Write down absolutely everything — not only work meetings and notes but household tasks as well. Long-term — for a year with a breakdown for months and quarters.

Be flexible

You can plan your day perfectly, but something is bound to go wrong. An important meeting may be canceled, you may get stuck in a traffic jam, some kind of force majeure may happen. Learn to rebuild your plans on the go so as not to waste precious time. To do this, keep a to-do list in electronic form in any program convenient for you in order to have access to both old records and long-term plans.

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Delegate responsibilities

Don’t try to perform everything on your own — you won’t only be exhausted, but you will simply burn out. Hire a personal assistant or secretary for everything that doesn’t require your direct involvement, as well as for some personal assignments. Read on how to hire a virtual assistant and see how easy it is.

Freed from small and non-urgent tasks, you can devote more time to global ones. The main thing is to choose the right person whom you can trust.

Focus on your task

No matter how many tasks you have planned for the day, don’t be distracted by others after starting to perform one of them. Turn off your smartphone, log out of social networks and even email on your computer. Try to stay focus for at least three minutes, then increase this time to 10 minutes and an hour. The result won’t be long in coming.


Stop checking your email at the start of your day. Most of the letters don’t require your attention, so you can keep your mind clear. Set a limited window of time for reading emails, for instance, half an hour in the afternoon and half an hour in the evening. If an urgent question arises, you will definitely receive a call or SMS. Everything else will wait, and you will get a lot of free time.


Be sure to devote one day a week to complete rest or to yourself. You need to disconnect from work — no calls, no letters, no work papers, and so on. Relax. After having a good rest, you can find a non-standard solution to a long-standing problem.

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Once you prioritize, you will realize how much time you spent on things that ended up bringing neither income, nor benefit, nor even pleasure.

Get organized

Put things in order on your desk, in your notebook, and on your computer. It will help you quickly find the necessary papers, files, records and not waste precious time looking for the information you need.

Starting a business is a challenge. But if you follow these basic rules, you can make your life easier. As a leader, your task is to inspire your company, so that increased productivity benefits you and your team.

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