Top 10 Funny Games For PC in 2021

If you’re not in the mood, it’s time to try out funny games with fun characters, like the Hytale beta version. And the beginning of summer is a great time to relax with some fun games. The games on this list should definitely make you smile and cheer you up!


A crazy “battle royal” game with funny jelly bears that battle for the right to possess the crown, going through different levels with obstacles. Fall Guys is very funny due to a combination of several elements. Ridiculous animations and silly character costumes, vivid visual design, and mind-blowing challenges are key features of the game. Here, players will play soccer with giant balls, dodge flying fruit, steal eggs from opponents, and so on.


A popular cooperative puzzle game where you and your friends have to travel through dreams, solving various physics-based puzzles. Fall Flat is generated by the behavior of the characters. They act as if they were rag dolls: move clumsily, wiggle their legs, grasp the ledge, stumble over their own feet. At the same time, the game is addictive: most of the puzzles here can be passed using imagination and intelligence, and the developers are constantly adding new levels to it.


A gripping cooperative platformer from the creators of A Way Out. It tells the story of married couple Cody and May, who have magically turned into dolls. Now they can’t go back to their bodies until they fix their shaky relationship. The book that brings them to life with its very peculiar sense of humor will help them do so. It Takes Two is full of jokes and funny scenes. Also, this game pleases you with various gameplay mechanics and locations. You will have to find a partner to pass the game because it is impossible to pass the game alone.


Multiplayer action game dedicated to the never-ending war between plants and zombies. The latter are not frightening at all. They are funny, a little bit dumb, and very fond of dressing up in different costumes. However, in terms of style, plants are not behind them and are happy to try on fancy outfits. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is a fun third-person shooter with bright pictures, dynamic shoot-outs, and spacious maps. And for those who like to play in co-op at one console, the developers have come up with the option to share the screen and participate in multiplayer matches together.


A serious competitor to Death Stranding, a game about couriers who deliver packages at great cost, battling naughty vehicles and their own clumsy bodies. It’s a cooperative game, so you can team up with friends to play together, and the vast open-world will provide plenty of opportunities for fun. It’s basically a big sandbox game where you can leave your main goal and just have fun at your own pleasure.

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Chimparty or “Jungle Party” is a multiplayer party game. Here, the players control monkeys and compete against each other in numerous mini-games, including basketball, long jump, obstacle course and more.


What could be more fun than the adventures of a mischievous goose, who wanders through a small town and annoys its residents? Probably only the adventures of two geese! Untitled Goose Game lets you explore the town alone or in co-op, run funny errands, steal stuff, flap your wings, cackle – in short, have all kinds of fun. It’s a fairly short game, but it generates plenty of funny situations you won’t soon forget.


Wattam is an unusual game about friendship. In a world of loneliness, you will have to put together and make friends with a variety of characters, such as, for example, a nose, a fork, and a rock. Despite its strange design and slightly crazy content, this is a very philosophical game, and it is sure to leave a mark on your soul.


It would seem that a hospital is no place for jokes. But not in Two Point Hospital: this manager will teach you how to treat people with humor! Here you will have to build and develop hospitals, arrange cabinets and vending machines, cope with strange diseases, such as boggled mind, cubism, animal magnetism, improve the skills and motivation of your employees, control the personnel, set prices for services, make a profit and invest in new medical facilities. The game is full of funny jokes, but the approach to gameplay here is serious.


Who’s the most delicious here? That’s the question you’ll answer in Cake Bash, a fun party game about the goodies in a candy store competing for the right to get to the customer. The battle will be fierce as cupcakes and doughnuts capture their surroundings and beat the sprinkles out of their opponents to stay the prettiest. This is a fun game you’re sure to enjoy!

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