Understanding A Commercial HVAC System And Contractor Services

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in large buildings or spaces poses a huge challenge due to the expansive costs and other technical issues. So while employing individual systems for various areas is an option, it often proves to be very costly and inefficient. Therefore, opting for a commercial HVAC system is a more energy and cost-effective solution.

This is anything that can be used in large buildings from hospitals to commercial centers. When compared with its residential counterparts, commercial HVAC is different in terms of size according to Alpha Mechanical. Also, the operations tend to be more complex but with commercial HVAC contractors in Sacramento you can get various quality services on time. Also, the type you use will depend on individual needs and requirements. Let’s check what types or a wide range of services you can get to help you control the environment in a building at all times of the year!

Understanding A Commercial HVAC System And Contractor Services

Types to consider

With people relying on indoor climate control, particularly when the weather changes throughout the year, the booming HVAC (acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) market has grown exponentially. Projected to be worth 297 billion US dollars by 2028, the HVAC market is growing quickly.

This guides us in the selection of the most suitable systems. It encompasses the tech and the system itself that manages the environment in your commercial place, helping to regulate such things as temperature, humidity, and air quality across diverse buildings. So let’s start with the two types of HVAC systems that help you know which one is more suitable. Also, an expert can help you pick the right one according to the size of a building:


These provide direct heating or cooling. Simple HVAC uses a refrigerant to create a suitable temperature in a building. These systems use various energy sources including:

  • electricity
  • oil
  • gas

The furnace will heat the area directly. Also, you will have an individual control for each area that is heated or cooled directly. A simple HVAC can have one of two types of heaters, radiant and furnace. Furnace systems use fuel to generate heat making them less economical.


This type relies on a secondary unit to transfer heat to other areas. It has three main components:

  • A boiler
  • Cooling towers
  • Chillers

To cool an area, the complex type uses a refrigerant that passes through a series of coils. A chiller cools the refrigerant before it passes through the coils. 

Complexity of the system

Today, the potential for increased clean energy technologies, including HVAC systems and their installations, as part of global energy and climate commitments, leads us to a growing market and job opportunities in the niche. Implementing global energy or climate commitments could unlock a USD 650 billion annual market opportunity for clean energy technologies by 2030. This potentially can double clean energy manufacturing jobs to nearly 14 million.

When it comes to generating warm air, we delve into the intricacies of a system that’s not only technologically advanced but also essential for the overall climate. In this context, a water boiler plays a key role. Once warm, the steam or water passes through heating coils to distribute heat. Complex HVAC systems use a central control unit that can operate in all zones of a building. Commercial HVAC contractors in Sacramento will find a suitable area to put the control unit so that the entire building benefits. These systems can use either fuel or electricity.

HVAC systems use ventilation systems to ensure that air circulation remains fresh. Because they are modular, it is easy to increase the capacity of the HVAC. All you have to do is add additional units to suit the growing demands.

Services to acquire

Companies that specialize in heating and cooling can provide various services. This starts from installation to maintenance:


While you may try a DIY for residential HVAC systems, the commercial ones usually require hiring an expert. It can be a complex process so you want to make sure only the best in the business work with you.

Professionals can look for the appropriate place to put a commercial HVAC considering they take up a lot of space. So most companies will install it on the roof. Aside from saving space, using a roof installation, which is in strong demand today, also has other advantages including:

  • Reducing noise
  • Easier maintenance services
  • Makes modifications easier

Work in a building can continue uninterrupted until professionals add more units. Keep in mind that installing a brand-new HVAC system may take weeks depending on the capacity. Having the right company makes a huge difference when it comes to the final results.


There are times when your old HVAC may stop working. In such cases, you can either choose to repair the damaged parts or replace the entire system. Professionals can quickly perform a replacement so that you experience minimal interruptions at work. While this may be more expensive than repairs, it is necessary if your system is too old.


Most commercial HVAC systems last about 20 years. However, you can extend this period by 3-5 years by simply using maintenance services. 

The commercial HVAC contractors in Sacramento have to visit your establishment from time to time to ensure everything is functional. Therefore, you can maintain a good atmosphere whether it’s in a hospital or enterprise without worrying about an HVAC breaking down when least expected.


HVAC systems can break down at any moment. This is a huge inconvenience especially if your company relies on heating or cooling 24/7. It’s not uncommon for this to happen to older models. So if something goes wrong, you want to make sure experts can easily come through.

Professionals who work 24/7 can help you whenever a problem occurs. This will help you prevent any inconveniences or interruptions at work. Experts can troubleshoot and identify any issues.

Final thoughts

Having a suitable heating or cooling device I’m a large building is not always easy. That is why commercial HVAC systems are important. They are desired to cover larger areas. You will need to get one that will suit the type of building.

Technicians can not only install a new system in a building but also provide maintenance services. This ensures that you have fewer unexpected breakdowns. It is also a way of prolonging the lifespan of a new HVAC. The goal is to find a professional company with enough experience. This way you can enjoy the best services to achieve the optimum results when it comes to heating and cooling systems!

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