Why Bitcoin is rising in demand?

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Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Rising In Demand

1. Inflation

One of the main reasons behind Bitcoin’s growth is the inflation of the US dollar. However, inflation is an average of 2% each year, and recent studies are claiming that the level of inflation will increase and the dollar’s purchasing power is going to decrease. On top of that, the United States has added about $2.5 trillion to the economy with the recent stimulus packages.

2. Adoption As A Method Of Payment

Another main reason behind the rise of Bitcoin is its adaption as a payment method. Recent reports state that PayPal has announced that in the future, they will allow their users to sell, hold, buy and accept Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as a payment method. This can be very important in many ways. 

After this announcement, Bitcoin experienced a sudden growth. PayPal has more than nearly 350 million active users who will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin quickly. Also, they have 20 million active merchants who can accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

3. Halving And The Model Of Stock To Flow

The two main crucial reasons behind the rise of Bitcoin’s price are two inbuilt attributes in its design.

It is shocking that 21 million Bitcoin can be mined, and the number of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million. This number can’t be increased or decreased.

Another one is the process that is coded in Bitcoin called the halving. Bitcoin has a separate built-in mechanism where a part of Bitcoin is released and given to its miner to complete each successful transaction.

Few Other Reasons Include

The Government has thought of accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, and it shall also be treated as an asset. People can earn extra cash by trading on top Bitcoin platforms.

The Bottom Line

We have shared a few reasons why Bitcoin is rising in demand. Professionals claim that after a few years, Bitcoin will be treated as an asset and will be very costly as the number is limited to 21 million. According to the report, almost every investor dreams of purchasing Bitcoin as it will give a massive return in the future. The market capital of Bitcoin is more than $743,519,233,144. It is expected that the price of Bitcoin will rise again in June.

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