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Why Location-Based Data Scraping is Important?

Web scraping can become frustrating when popular sites hamper your progress by restricting your IP address. One reason for such blocking is a website’s geo-restriction policy. For you to access some useful data, you will find it prudent to use US Proxy software for data scraping. Many sites raise minimal restrictions when accessed with such a proxy.

When you use a residential IP address, your target website’s software can find the location of the IP address and hence the location of your business. With such tracking of your digital footprints, your server cannot escape blocking because of your IP address.

There are two main reasons why you need US Proxy spidering services:

  • Geo-restriction
  • Geo-targeting

How geo-targeting with US Proxy boosts your business

Geo-targeting uses IP scraping, where the IP address of every visitor is mapped to a geographic location. Also known as local PPC, geo-targeting defines the act of delivering customized content or targeted advertisements to clients depending on their geographical locations.

Other ways of tracking leads involve using data supplied by users, Wi-Fi triangulation technologies, and browser cookies that store location information. You can also use opt-in GPS location options found on some devices.

On the other hand, you can use a proxy to alter the IP address of your business to avoid being a victim of geo-targeting. The proxy will hide your location or mislead marketers who use targeting to send you marketing information, and that reduces the overloading of your server with spam content.

However, some geo-targeters might intend to use their data to reach clients in a specific region. The marketer might want to send merchandise with special offers and discounts to customers or goods from a special launch. Internet Service Providers and insurance companies price their packages depending on location.

You cannot access such an advantage if your IP address falls out of the targeted zone, most common with the US market. To bypass that and take advantage of such market offers, use a US proxy to make it appear like your business is in the US.

You can leverage on geo-targeting for your business to find prospective clients for your merchandise. With such data, you can profile your visitors for targeted marketing with better conversions.

If your business runs within the US, you can use US Proxy options to scrap the addresses of your customers. These come handy when your business depends on home deliveries and foot traffic. The companies likely to profit from this include restaurants, eCommerce sites, and brick-and-mortar stores.

Also, different markets are governed by local regulations. To gain insights into such laws, you need proxies to scrape relevant sites. Additionally, remember that scraping avails you updated data to keep you abreast of any legislative changes. Contravening marketing could get your establishment banned or penalized.

When writing a script for your spider, consider targeting data that will inform your business of local events related to your business. And an opportune time to market your wares. Local events also include weather conditions that season-based businesses like tour and travel companies and fashion retailers bank on for profits.

You can customize your scraper to collect leading keywords related to your business from the local search engines. You can use them to update your website and for digital marketing campaigns, including email campaigns. Armed with such data, you can avoid wasting your marketing resources on consumers who won’t convert.

The pesky geo-restriction policy

When you try to access a website, and you get the response that the content is not available in your area, you are facing a geo-restriction or geo-blocking measure. Some content providers like Amazon and Hulu also restrict access to content, depending on the visitors’ location.

Some providers also restrict content availability to some devices such as Apple TV, Kindle Fire, or a laptop, gaming console, or smartphone. The provider can use the location of your Wi-Fi connection, your devices CDMA or GSM, and Radio-Frequency Identification to identify the type of device you are using to reach their site.

You have options that your company can use to bypass geo-blocking:

  1. Using a Smart DNS proxy service
  2. Using a router
  3. Using proxy servers
  4. Using VPN service

All those options work by masking your real IP address so that blocked sites whitelist it. After that, you can content from restricted sites and use it to boost your business operations. You can also use US Proxy options to hide the nature of your business and therefore protect it from unfavorable activities like phishing, malicious spam requests, and hacking of data.

In the light of that intel, you will configure your US Proxy or subscribe for an assortment of them from a reputable provider. These will either bypass or take advantage of location-based data scraping to enhance your profits and management of your business.

David is a technology specialist who has been writing about business, technology, and IT-related topics for the past 6 years. He loves working with brands to develop content that helps them connect with their target audience.