Will Satoshi Nakamoto Ever Reveal His Identity?

Bitcoin was designed as a system that would be used anonymously and deal with trust issues and conflicts between parties directly without relying on third parties when exchanges are necessary. It is a system that brings anonymity to a level not yet seen in the digital world, using the concept of cryptography and decentralized systems. It makes Bitcoin unique, and even if Nakamoto’s identity ever becomes known, it wouldn’t change anything about Bitcoin. Let alone about its uses for people who wish to transact without third parties. 

The below-listed information asks if Satoshi will ever reveal his identity. It argues that the anonymity of Nakamoto’s persona is not a problem in understanding Bitcoin or even in using the cryptocurrency for its intended purposes. When it comes down to it, anonymity seems like an appropriate characteristic for something designed by a secretive person like Satoshi Nakamoto. If you are interested to become a crypto trader, then you may visit bitcoinscircuit

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? For many, the name “Satoshi Nakamoto” could be a pseudonym for anyone. However, considering that he designed Bitcoin and created the code for it, it becomes tough to think someone else came up with such an intricate idea without getting help from whoever built Bitcoin’s system. 

The most popular opinion is that Nakamoto’s real identity is kept secret because of his position at JP Morgan as a senior engineer. Some people allege four multinational companies, the founder of bitcoin, Samsung, and Motorola, are part of this alleged group. However, no solid proof exists that these companies created the Bitcoin protocol. With help from a few people, the concept of bitcoin could be understood and outlined very clearly. 

Another theory is that Satoshi Nakamoto is an alias, and it’s just a name he used. At the same time, he never intended to reveal his true identity or purpose in bringing Bitcoin into being. A final theory is that there is no one person behind Nakamoto as if he was working with other people either for financial gain or wanted to bring a revolution in the existing financial segment. 

Three people who are supposed to be Satoshi Nakamoto:

1. Dorian Nakamoto:

In March 2014, Newsweek magazine published a cover story about Dorian S. Nakamoto, a Japanese American man living in California. His real name is Satoshi Nakamoto, he was a physicist and computer scientist working for companies like Lockheed Martin and NASA. The report said he’s worth about 400 million dollars due to his bitcoin holdings, but he denied the allegations. Why would this humble Japanese American man choose a pseudonym like Satoshi Nakamoto? It gave birth to more conspiracy theories.

2. Nick Szabo: 

Nick Szabo is an American computer scientist who made notable achievements in the digital currency space before Bitcoin was invented. He is responsible for many of the innovations made in cryptocurrencies and was also active in the community where he created a cryptocurrency called Egold. Many people believe that Nick Szabo is Satoshi Nakamoto because of his background and a few similarities between their writing styles, but it has never been proven.

3. Craig Steven Wright:

In December 2015, Craig Steven Wright claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto. He sent a private key to Gavin Andresen, using the same essential Satoshi himself used to sign a Bitcoin transaction back in 2009. Allegedly this was done as proof of his claims, but it was revealed after some time that Satoshi himself didn’t use the key provided by Wright.

 The person who may be Satoshi Nakamoto can’t be proven to be him, but there are significant factors that indicate that Wright could be closest to the truth when it comes down to it. First, Wright claimed he was given access to the source code for Bitcoin in 2008 and had been working on them ever since. It showed that he knew about Bitcoin before its initial release and therefore could have used Satoshi Nakamoto as an alias.

What do people think?

Many people think there is no objective evidence behind the claims made by Dorian Nakamoto. He denied all accusations of offensive language and called Newsweek magazine “fake news”. However, even if Nick Szabo is not Satoshi Nakamoto, many people believe he has made significant contributions to Bitcoin. The most important thing is that the code could be read by anyone willing to get information on how it works. So if it were a hoax, there would be no need for an alias.

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