Zendesk Chat and Support – A proper way to brilliant support 

You can provide customer support using only a help center, contact forms, emails, etc. However, suppose you want to increase customers’ satisfaction to the top level. In that case, you should consider that a chat widget is a modern tool that makes your potential customer feel the presence of a support rep on every nook and corner of your website. So here in this article, we will tell you the benefits of the chat, its implementation, and the description of the UpChat for Zendesk – a tool that will help you synchronize your Zendesk Chat and Zendesk Support.

Also, learn about the reason why it is better to use Chat and Support together and how this can increase your customers’ satisfaction.

What is Zendesk Chat?

Zendesk Chat is a widget-like instance that offers a real-time conversation with leads and is a great tool to turn them into customers. The customers always initiate the conversation. Then, they communicate with the support agent, receive help and finish the chatting. If the problem repeats, the customers’ info and messaging history aren’t stored for further recovery. So Zendesk Chat widget is suitable if the client faces minor issues (for example, asking about price, navigation, etc.

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What are the benefits of Zendesk Chat?

Increases customer satisfaction

The live chat is beneficial for both existing and new customers. All of them can get help on the go as their questions are answered right on the spot. Essentially people expect more rapid response and problem solving using a live chat, so they stay online and wait for a reply. Consequently, the number of closed issues increases dramatically and reduces the agents’ backlog.

Saves costs

Calling hotlines cost much more money than chat widgets and require more skilled agents. By the way, one agent can chat with several people simultaneously. As a result, your company provides better service and saves money on salary.

Better employee satisfaction

You can be familiar with the situation when anxious customers let their emotions out so that support reps can work under constant pressure and lose the motivation for a job and feel overwhelmed. Chat eliminates those impacts, so the agents’ satisfaction increases. That’s why it is better to leave pushy calls and irritating talks in the past and let your agents work in a calm and pleasant atmosphere

Provides valuable data

Zendesk Chat is not just a widget but a tool that delivers valuable data about customers and their journeys. For example:

  • The URL of the page, which was the starting point for chatting
  • Customers’ device and operating system
  • How much time do they spend on the website before starting a chat
  • The general quantity of talks and site visits they had before
  • The activity of the client (mouse clicks, scrolls, etc.)
  • Location-based on tracking clients’ IP addresses 

Increase sales

Time costs money, which is critically important when discussing sales. Chatting moves salespeople through the sales process much faster because it helps to avoid so-called “hard sales.” In addition, the potential customer who visited your website is likely aware of the product and interested in purchasing, so the sales process passes more softly.

Why should you use Zendesk Chat together with Zendesk Support?

Using both platforms together helps you create consistent support for every customer. Live chat creates a one-to-one connection with your customers and allows them to solve problems instantly or to create a ticket if there’s no time or possibility to communicate online. Besides, chat is a great way to navigate quickly inside the help center.

For agents, the unit of both instances creates a common place where they can both chat and handle tickets. Besides, if they can’t start the chat for any reason, there is a solution. There’s an ability to create a rule with an automated email sent to the customer. Also, agents can continue every interaction in Chat via Zendesk support through tickets.

To create better integration between Zendesk Chat and Zendesk Support, we suggest using the UpChat app from GrowthDot company. 

What problems does UpChat for Zendesk solve?

Let’s look at the most frequent use cases.

Use Case  #1

Imagine you are a support agent chatting with a client, but you haven’t enough expertise to solve their request. Consequently, you need to re-route this request to the expert and wait for solving one day or a few, but the chat should be closed. So you can put the checkmark near the custom “Delay” and describe the reason for the delay. Then, the next day you can easily open the conversation as a support ticket and quickly refresh the information about the request.

Use Case #2

Two or more agents can process one support ticket as it can’t be closed during one work shift for different reasons. So with the help of UpChat, one agent can mark typical stages he passed during his conversation, and their colleague can continue messaging without re-reading. Therefore, the client feels like chatting with one person.

Now let’s see how does UpChat works. First, you need to perform four steps.

  1. In Zendesk Support, create a custom field with different types of inserted data: text, checkbox, checklist, or dropdown.
  2. Create as many fields as you need.
  3. Start chatting and mark or fill in necessary fields. End the chat.
  4. Go to the corresponding support ticket and check the results or see the stage at which chatting was finished.
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The app is quite simple but helpful for customer support. Besides, there is a Free plan which allows you to create two custom fields and a Pro plan (unlimited) costs only 1$ per agent/month.

Asus 2-in-1 q535

Source: UpChat app

Moreover, the app doesn’t collect any user data and is quite simple to install.

Wrapping up

Building brilliant customer service is impossible without the mutual integration of several platforms. And the connecting link between them is also essential. Such can be the UpChat for Zendesk Chat and Support, which connects both of them and reduces time waste and money losses because of unnecessary repetitive operations. Besides, GrowthDot produces other apps and services to make the most of Zendesk and make it work seamlessly.

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