API And How Is It Used For List Of SEO Tools

(Application programming interface) API allows other applications to access data and update the external software, systems, and software components. API delivers a response to the system and then sends back the answer to a user. For example, when we click on “add to cart” on any e-commerce or Shopify, system updates, and the Website updates your cart by adding products.

API lets a developer send request and receive information which is done by programming language, “JSON,” there are four basic requests that a developer can make with API

  • GET-gather information 
  • PUT-update data
  • POST-create new post
  • DELETE-delete a post

When API interacts with developers, microservices use API to play a role in communication between them. The (Application Programming Interface) API talks to other systems to get the data or verify your credentials and how these two systems talk to each other.

How many types of API requests developer made?

  1. Endpoint
  2. Header
  3. Method
  4. Data

Most common examples of API

You are finding a Facebook profile when you type a name on Facebook. The API informs the Facebook server about that and then shows a list of profiles in front of you. You can find your friend or someone else easily on Facebook, but all this is done due to API. Say thanks!

When you are free and want to kill boredom, what you usually do? Yeah! You go on social media to kill your boredom. If you’re going to search about sports, you will type “Sports” on Twitter. The Twitter API offers you to find tweets related to your query quickly, and in few seconds, it shows a list of tweets that you are searching on it.


Ranking a website is not an easy task. SEO wasn’t alleged to be as complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that are available to your websites, greater visibility.

Search Engines use various factors for populating search engine results pages (SERP), and website developers want to make sure they follow the optimization guidelines for the best page rank results.

 Seo tools are available for selecting the right keywords, creating high-level content, formatting content, responsive design, backlinks, localization, program marketing (SEM), page rank, and other SEO essentials. These tools are often accessible by APIs.

An SEO API is an Application Programming Interface that permits developers to feature SEO features in applications. The best place to seek out these SEO APIs is within the SEO category on Programmable Web. There are many helpful APIs and UI-related, which makes developing an app more manageable than we thought. 

Digital Marketing Agencies and developers use the API data to join together and make their applications. These APIs have all the data you have in your SEO, tools such as link analysis and rank tracking everything. 

Here is a list of some best SEO Tools API providers. Have a look at them and choose which one you will go with them. 


Moz Pro also comes in the top list. Moz Pro ensures High traffic and high ranking of your Website. By providing a great keyword searcher, it helps you to achieve high rankings using these keywords. It is the top paid SEO Tool that enables you to win the SEO web game. This platform facilitates you to target a significant volume of high-ranking keywords. Moz Pro also provides the tool for the removal of SEO complexity. It is well-reputed and reviewed software, but it is costly.

Deep Crawl API

Deep Crawl API is used for entire Website crawls, and any third-party provider does not currently integrate it to allow you to access data without coding. Well documented, straightforward, and easy to use.

Google Search Console API

Google Search Console API uses clicks and impression data, click-through rate data, query ranking, and search volume of a website.


SEMrush API uses keyword data, search volume, domain overview history, and domain organic search keywords. It is one of the best SEO TOOL API for ranking a site on a keyword. SEMrush is an SEO Tool company that comes with all the SEO API Services, also provides PPC. It is the best API tools provider over the whole web. It is the only Content marketing platform that ensures positive results in the field of online marketing.


Ahref SEO TOOL API uses backlinks data and provides files of backlinks and keywords data. It’s also called the beast tool and helps a lot in ranking a Website. 

Rannko API

Rannko is another top-listed SEO tool. It offers digital Reputation Management Solutions and the only platform that provides modules for leading businesses. By controlling the client reviews, online presence, and much more, gives a positive push to your Website.


Another famous name in the list of Great SEO Tools is “Plug in SEO.” This platform ensures an error-free SEO check, improving the SEO of the Web page and also the service of fixing. It provides powerful tools with a deep search facility to gain more traffic on your Website through the search engines. It ensures organic views on your Website. This Paid SEO Tool will assist you in ranking your websites on the search engine result list. Their pricing bundles are flexible. The monthly pricing bundle of Plug IN SEO starts from $20. Check their Website and find your bundle.

Rank Ranger API

Rank Ranger is software that provides you with tools, including SEO rank Tracker. This featured software gives you the rank reports of the keywords daily. It comes with the facility of many services, including SERP Features, Featured Snippets, Search Console, Meta Tags, Keyword Searcher, Keyword Ranker, Site Audit, and many other features. The monthly pack of this software starts from $15.


Mangools is a user-friendly SEO Tool API. The Mangools packages of SEO Tools include SERPChecker, Keyword Research, KWFinder, SERPWatcher, SiteProfiler, and many other essential services. This paid tool provides accurate keyword search results and difficulty level and Search Engine Search reports for over fifty thousand locations in the whole world. Their monthly plan comes in your budget, starting from $49 only.

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