Apple Maps Adds Waze-Like Features in iOS 14.5 for Crowdsourcing Incidents, Hazards, and Speed Traps

Developers and public beta testers will download the iOS 14.5 beta. It includes a new Apple Maps feature that allows you to report incidents, accidents, and traffic violations. Not only that, but when you get directions, it also reports your way. When you type in an address, choose a direction, and then press “Go,” Siri tells you everything you need to know. You may use this feature to report any incidents or accidents you come across along the way.

You could tap on a “Report” button on the Apple Maps GUI where map information is accessible by swiping up. You may use this button to mark an accident, a danger, or a speed check. It’s close to Waze and other navigation applications. With no notification panel, tapping immediately flags your location. As a result, it can only be included under specific circumstances.

You could also tell Siri, “Hey Siri, there’s an accident,” and she’ll report that to Apple Maps. Via crowdsourcing, an accident location would appear in the maps app when enough people submit reports. This is currently available in a research capacity in the United States. However, it’s unclear if it’s even appearing in other nations.

In iOS 14.4, there is no related accident reporting feature. At this time, it does not seem to be available to all iOS 14.5 users. This information is focused on Reddit reports, so there is almost certainly a server-side aspect.

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