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Can An iPhone Get a Virus? Here’s the Truth and A Quick Guide

Many of the viruses cannot be detected easily. They are not slowing down your phone but your personal data will be at risk if you have a virus on your iPhone. Then, how do I know if my iPhone has a virus?

In this article we will cover:

  • Can virus get into your iPhone
  • Check your iPhone for Viruses
  • How to clear viruses from iPhone

Can iPhone Get Viruses?

The good news is, most of the iPhone users don’t need to worry about the virus getting into their smartphone. So, Can An iPhone Get a Virus? The answer is still YES!! Although it’s very hard to insert a virus into the iPhone, there are few scenarios in which your phone can be affected by malware.

Can iPhones get malware from websites?

If you open a suspicious website on iPhone which contains malware or affected attachment, then your iPhone could be at risk. But he question arises that Can your iPhone hacked by clicking on a link?
It’s very unlikely that your phone gets hacked by just clicking a link. iPhone security is very strong and it is very difficult for malware to take full control of your phone.

Can an iPhone get a virus from Safari?

Unfamiliar pop-ups in safari could be a sign of a virus and your phone could affect from that virus.

Can your iPhone get a virus from a text message/Phone Call?

It’s unlikely to get a virus from a phone call or if you just open a message and simply read it. But if you open a link or suspicious attachment from a text message then your phone could get a virus from the compromised site.

How to check iPhone for viruses?

If your iPhone is behaving oddly, then there is a chance that some low-quality app needs updating or deleting. There are certain steps to find out if your iPhone is affected by spyware, viruses and other spiteful apps. 

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  • Seek for the Pop-up ads in Safari

If sudden ads are popping up in your safari browser then your this could be a sign of a virus in your browser. Do not ever click on these ads, this could take you to some other infected sites.

  • Check the Jailbreak Status of your iPhone

If your iPhone is jailbroken, then there is a high chance that your phone is affected by malware. Jailbreak allows the different unauthorized app to install on your iPhone and these apps can easily steal your important data.

Here the way you can check the jailbreak status on iPhone. 

  1. Swipe down from the middle of the screen to open a search bar on the iPhone.
  2. Type Cydia in the search bar
  3. If any app named Cydia appear on your screen, then you iPhone could be jailbroken
  4. To remove the jailbreak from your iPhone, See Unjailbreak your iPhone
  • Check the suspicious data Charges

If your data usage is going unusually high or unexplained, then there could be a chance that your phone is affected by some virus.

  • Look for Unknown Apps

Unknown apps could be a sign of malware, uninstall unfamiliar apps instantly when you find them on your phone.

  • Watch Battery Drainage

If your battery is draining very quickly, then this could be a sign of malware. Check your battery health first. If your battery is healthy and still it is draining quickly, then there is a high chance that your phone is affected by malware.

How to remove viruses from the iPhone?

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If you think your iPhone is affected by viruses, there are certain steps that can help you to remove viruses from the iPhone.

  • Delete Suspicious and unfamiliar apps
  • Delete history and website data from Safari
  • Power off your phone and Restart
  • Factory Reset your phone
  • Restore your phone from data backup
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