Top 10 Competitor Analysis Tools to Drive Successful Search Campaigns

Running a successful search campaign involves a lot of research. You need to be well-versed with SEO trends, keywords, traffic, etc. The best way to do this is to track your competitors’ activities. Doing so can help you recognize the weak points of your campaign and work towards improving it.

Thankfully, there are several SaaS tools available on the internet, which let you analyze competitors. Finding the right tool is crucial for your campaign. If you’re confused about these practices, you can always seek SEO services from experts.

An expert in SEO Services will help you handle your entire campaign and apply effective strategies to improve search rankings. In that respect, knowing your competitors is one of the non-negotiable steps. After all, you should keep your friends close and enemies closer. 

Benefits of Tracking Competitors

Analyzing competitors’ data helps your campaign in two ways. It lets you know what works and what doesn’t – with respect to your SEO strategy. It helps to:

  • Track popular keywords and trends
  • Eliminate negative keywords and redundant strategies
  • Structure campaigns into groups and stages
  • And strengthen your position in the market

Now that you realize the importance of keeping an eye on your competitors, let’s get acquainted with the top 10 competitor analysis tools that can up your marketing campaign.

10 Best Tools for Competitor Analysis

Here are the 10 most popular SEO and keyword tools that can help you spy on your competitors.


Ahrefs is one of the best competitor analysis apps out there, simply because it brings together data from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, YouTube, and so on. It also has a Keywords Explorer that shows search volumes and the number of clicks. This way, you can choose the most effective keywords for your campaign.

Photo Credit: Ahrefs

Its data is updated daily, so you always get current information. Additionally, Ahrefs has a Site Explorer feature for analyzing competitors’ website structures and which page gets more traffic.

This tool has multiple pricing plans for the flexibility of users. You can choose a plan based on your requirements and get started.


Majestic is an SEO tool that helps you analyze backlinks for individual segments of content. With this tool, you can ensure your post outranks your competitors’ by integrating more and better backlinks into your content.

Photo Credit: Majestic

You can search on Google for a keyword and take the highest-ranking post for Majestic analysis. On pasting the URL in its search bar, you will get results on the number of backlinks associated with this content. This helps you judge its competitiveness. 

Another advantage of this tool is that its basic functions come free. You can pay for a subscription if you want more details and benefits.


Another great backlink tool is Ubersuggest, which helps you in building a strong SEO strategy. Through this platform, you can analyze how your competitors rank in terms of backlinks.

Photo Credit: Uber Suggest

This free tool offers several features. You can search with a URL and get well-rounded information about the page’s content and performance. Ubersuggest analyzes the number of ranking organic keywords, monthly and yearly traffic, domain score, and the number of incoming backlinks.

Google Keyword Planner

This is arguably the most basic keyword tool that everyone uses, yet it can make a major difference to your search campaigns. This tool has a ton of features that can help you to get competitor data in multiple areas.

Just plug in your competitor’s URL and check out the information it offers. You will get an insight into popular keywords, new keywords, average traffic, and ad group ideas.


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Google Keyword Planner helps you to get an idea of which long-tail keywords work for a particular topic. Judging by your competitors’ progress, you can compete for those keywords. Who knows, you might end up ranking higher than them.


SEMrush is one of the most well-known SEO tools in the market. It serves users from over 140 countries and provides more than 40 tools for marketing analysis. With this, you can track your competitors’ performance and improve your own campaign.

Photo Credit: Semrush

This tool’s SEO intelligence lets you optimize your content with keyword variations, backlinks, domain scores, and lots more. You can get more detailed data and pie charts with relevant information.

SEMrush also shows you the Google rank and incoming traffic of a page, both paid and organic. You can search for the most fetching keywords and use them in your own content for better results. This tool offers a seven-day free trial and multiple paid plans.


When it comes to social media analytics, HootSuite is one of the best tools in the market. It integrates data from over 35 social media platforms to present a holistic result for competitor analysis. You can also monitor several streams at once.

Photo Credit: Hootsuite

HootSuite’s dashboard allows you to set up streams that follow the activities of the accounts you specify. You can also track hashtag and keyword trends here. With all these features, this tool lets you stay on top of your competition in the social media space.

Keyword Competitor

This all-in-one competitive analyzer gives you an idea of keywords that can help overtake your competitors. Using this tool, you can search for effective keywords that have been ignored by other websites. Integrating these in your content will automatically increase its reach and ranking.

Photo Credit: Neilpatel

On-page SEO becomes simple and easy with Keyword Competitor as it gives you insights into the pages that have been ranking high for a particular search term. You can also create media content based on these results.

You can look for organic and paid traffic on your competitor’s website, monitor their performance for specific keywords, get insights on their ads and landing pages, and also set up email notifications for tracking your campaign’s performance. 


iSpionage is a great tool to have when you are involved in paid campaigns. It helps you find suitable keywords based on competitor data and also gives you an idea about the amount of money your competitors are spending on a PPC campaign.

Photo Credit: iSpionage

This ultimately assists you in increasing conversion rates without spending an exorbitant amount of money. You can just type in a URL and get comprehensive results about its ads, keywords, and SEO pattern.


This analysis tool helps you track the monthly traffic of a website and the sources it comes from. You can get information about the channels that fetch the most engagement, so you can use them for your campaigns as well.

Photo Credit: SimilarWeb

With SimilarWeb, you can get insights into the number of clicks, bounce rate, session time, website visits, etc. You can also check your competitors’ top keywords and ads. This tool offers both a free and an Enterprise version.


This Amazon company provides analytical data on businesses, which can help you compare and optimize your website. It is very handy for digital marketers, site owners, and SEO experts.

Photo Credit: Alexa

Along with site metrics, Alexa shows unique visits, SEO recommendations, and observations on user behavior. You can use this knowledge to understand your audience and improve your site’s performance.


With these tools, you can now learn about your competitors’ SEO performance and use the knowledge to gain an edge on them. Try them out, and let us know which one’s your favorite! Our SEO services are always at your beck and call.

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