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How Can I Earn Money Whilst Learning To Be A Driving Instructor?

Learning a new skill can not only be daunting, but costly. But, training to become a driving instructor can be hugely rewarding, providing you with a career that you love and a reliable income source.

Of course, in order to become a qualified driving instructor, you’ll need to put some time, effort, and money into your development. Along with the cost of training, you’ll have to pay to take three Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) exams, and register as an ADI with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Don’t let this deter you! Although the process of becoming a driving instructor can be costly, once you’ve qualified and developed a great reputation, you’ll be on course to a great career teaching an important life skill.

In fact, you can actually earn whilst learning to become a driving instructor and this article will tell you how to do just that.

How much does it cost to train?

The cost of your training will depend upon the driving school or trainer but generally costs between £1000-£2000. Training at a franchise will enable you to obtain an education from experienced trainers. It does not only increase your chances to pass the theory test but also increases your chances of finding a job after you qualify, since you may be offered a position at the driving school.

Working at a franchise is also beneficial because it allows you to access the pupil database of that establishment, ensuring that you’ll have clients to teach as soon as you’ve qualified.

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Learn and earn on the job

You’ll be required to pay to enroll in a training course to become a driving instructor, however, some franchises will provide you with the opportunity to earn whilst you learn. At a franchise driving school like Bill Plant Driving School, for example, you could be paid weekly.

Once you’ve successfully passed Part 1 and 2 of the exams and have completed your third section of training, you could enroll on a Trainee PDI Licence. This means that you could gain experience instructing pupils and earn a salary, whilst you prepare for your Part 3 exams.

Fit your learning around your life

The length of time that it takes for you to become a qualified driving instructor will depend upon the intensity of the course and the time that you have to commit to the training. If you’re currently employed, you could fit your training around your job, studying in the evenings or attending a training course on the weekend. This will enable you to continue to earn whilst you prepare to take the big leap towards your new career as a driving instructor.

Training to become a driving instructor may be costly in the short term, but by earning whilst you learn and manage your time effectively, you’ll soon be on the road, teaching pupils of your own. Becoming a driving instructor could make your working life more enjoyable, enabling you to become your own boss, and enjoy a people-orientated career that is both sociable and rewarding.

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