Elon Musk Refuses To Trade Digital Currencies, Believing That You Require ‘Physical Things’ To Protect Yourself From Inflation.

Despite the numerous unpredictably occurring events around the globe today, Elon Musk announced publicly that he will not trade his cryptocurrency investments.

Those seeking one in the discussion were urged to engage in “Physical things,” according to the tech CEO. Musk has returned to Twitter, starting threads in which he asks the world about the present scenario, which is on the verge of a “Probable inflation” that will cause a big living shift throughout the world.

To achieve this point of questioning through his online forum, the CEO may be checking projections and news accounts, which tell a lot about the present situation. The CEO then explained that, regardless of the impending global inflation, he will not sell his bitcoin assets, which he now holds as investments.

Musk stated that Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and his Ethereum tokens will not be traded on the open market, especially on cryptocurrency exchanges. ‘Physical Things’ should be kept as assets. The world’s richest man speaks about inflation and tries to enlighten the globe with his views and ideas on the global catastrophe that will affect everyone ultimately.

People should hang on to their “Physical things” and possessions such as their houses and equities, Musk suggested as a basic rule for individuals seeking advice from the CEO. The tech CEO is recognized for sharing his expertise and opinions with the world through many platforms and chances, with a particular concentration on Twitter.

Elon Musk engages in online discussions in which he informs the public about his sustainable energy startup, Tesla. The introduction of satellite ports to Ukraine is one of the most major achievements of the renowned CEO, notably given that the nation is facing difficulties with a neighboring country.

Now, Musk and SpaceX are bringing the Starlink internet to Ukraine, which features portable charging alternatives to ensure the service’s success. 

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