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Sony Reveals The Details of PlayStation 5: 8K Graphics, PS4 backward compatibility and SSD

PlayStation 5 will have a ray-tracing supported graphics card, an SSD, PS4 backward compatibility, and last but not least 8K graphics.

Last October, the president of the company Kenichiro Yoshida said it was necessary to have next-generation hardware after the PlayStation 4 Pro. As per Mark Cerny, who filled in as the lead framework draftsman for the PS4, the new support isn’t only a spec-helped redesign of the PS4, similar to the PS4 Pro was.

PlayStation 5 will have total new hardware. It contains an eight-core CPU. This CPU depends on AMD’s third-gen Ryzen line based on their most recent 7nm Zen 2 process and a custom GPU. The custom GPU is dependent on AMD’s Radeon Navi equipment, which will introduce ray-tracing in the upcoming PlayStation. The final product of every one of those equipment upgrades: the PS5 will bolster 8K graphics, accepting you have a TV that supports 8K graphics.

This generation of PlayStation is ready to include a solid-state drive, replacing the hard disc drive generally found in old gaming consoles, which Cerny cases will prompt quicker diversion downloads, quicker designs rendering and shorter time for loading inside games.

In a meeting with Wired, Cerny has affirmed that the console is not launching this year, yet he would not confirm whether it’ll be known as the PlayStation 5.

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