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Six Free Amazing Video Marketing Tools To Boost Up Your Campaigns

Video is probably the most intuitive method that easily grabs the attention of the audience. Several companies and individuals use videos to increase their reach. One needs to enhance video marketing methodologies to spice up their concerned business. 

However, before you jump into the field and start investing your time in creating a video marketing strategy, you should understand your brand. Your brand should be able to dissipate its value and should demonstrate the reason behind its creation.

But, some business firms struggle to obtain the best use of video. They might face obstacles like low visibility and traction of their video content. Or they might end up lacking the experts to execute the available resources. 

This article contains a list of six amazing free online video editors and video marketing tools that can help you juice up your campaigns. So, let’s begin.

1. Vyond

With a collection of 100+ designer templates, Vyond boosts traffic and generates more leads for your business. Choose between the top three styles of Vyond i.e., whiteboard, temporary, and business-friendly. 

Customize the characters, voice-over options, and objects to create a perfect video for your brand. Get full control of all the assets like audio, font, visuals, etc., to implement your innovation to the fullest.

You can create a professional video with your brand impression in the ideal tone. It is probably one of the finest intro maker tools that you can use to create a striking introduction in your videos. You can further use these videos at your YouTube channel or post them on various social media platforms.

2. DrumUp

DrumUp does the difficult job of finding the best stories for you. It identifies the most engaging ‘stories and feeds’ for your audience and sorts them serially to be shared on various social media platforms. 

Provide relevant keywords and let DrumUp search the web for suitable stories for you. An interesting feature that the free software provides is that you get a chrome extension, which can get you more similar suggestions on a particular theme.

Additionally, you can customize your posts with titles, comments, hashtags, images, etc. You can also select a customized time when you want your post to be posted on the online platforms. DrumUp helps you manage all your Facebook shares and also lets you create interesting Facebook posts.

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3. Crello

Crello is a universal editor for creating graphic design, animation, videos, adaptive for any social network. The service’s base also includes stock videos by Crello. There is a Free limited edition and Pro plan from $ 7.99 per month. Export formats to GIF and mp4. Crello has square video templates, vertical story templates, Facebook cover video format, and full HD 1920×1080 px. Furthermore, you can take any static template and add animated objects there.

Features of this program are numerous: even with a free account, users can get access to premium videos and royalty-free stock files from Depositphotos. Crello keeps up with the time and updates their library constantly for you to work with unique templates created according to the latest design trends. All you need to do is choose a format and customize its template in a drag-and-drop editor. 

4. LikeAlyzer

The tool LikeAlyzer improves the engagement of your Facebook posts by analyzing the content, activity, and dialogues of a particular page. It provides an in-depth assessment of your Facebook page. It measures and analyzes the page to provide a detailed report of the success rate of your concerned Facebook page. Without giving your info or signing in to their website, an individual can get the required report by just plugging in the address of the Facebook page. 

In addition to the easy overview of your Facebook page, LikeAlyzer allows the users to explore the various possibilities of their Facebook reach and help them attain more presence in the market. 

5. Canva

Canva is a definite attraction for graphics lovers. It is an excellent graphic design platform that lets you create stunning posters, templates, business cards, Instagram posts, logos, Facebook posts, Facebook cover, invitations, and presentations quite easily. With millions of images, templates, and fonts, Canva provides alluring options for designers and content developers.

You can create your team to prepare customized content for your web or Facebook pages. Choose from the wide array of options available at Canva, adjust the design and color with an easy drag-and-drop method, and create striking custom images for your company. Additionally, their online Design School has a good collection of tips and tricks like Facebook ads tutorials, tutorials to create artistic images, etc.  

6. Facebook Power Editor

Typically used by professional Facebook advertisers, Facebook Power Editor has a lot of advanced features. This free marketing tool allows you to create sophisticated and multiple campaigns and ads quite easily. 

Facebook power editor provides a much more diverse option as compared to the traditional Facebook Ads manager. Duplicate campaigns, choose the best ads, and build the best in the market with the Power Editor quickly and easily. You can edit all your ads within the same window, easing the adjustment of minute details.

Facebook Power Editor is a plug-in compatible with Google Chrome. New features are added first at the Power Editor before rolling out to the Ads Manager section. You must try this amazing software to get a seamless experience.

6. Headline Analyzer

A headline is what defines the full content of what your post is going to tell. It should be written wisely to attract the audience in one go. Headline Analyzer creates credible headlines for various blogs, articles, and ad copy.

Additionally, they also have a good reputation for creating awesome headlines for Facebook posts. Once you get a perfect choice of the headline, plug it in Headline Analyzer and click the “Analyze” button to get a detailed assessment of your input. 

Evaluate your email subject, headlines, and ad titles based on readability, sentiments, emotions, and SEO. If you are often troubled in deciding the best headline to choose, then Headline Analyzer is probably the best tool for you. 


You got the idea of some of the top players in the video marketing sector. Now, you are in the process of building a Facebook campaign, and you do not know if it’s worth your while. You cannot decide if you should dedicate your time and effort to build that campaign. Worry not. 

We have a bonus for you. We have prepared you a few tips and tricks you should consider if you want to boost your sale.

  • Concentrate on the content, not the sale.
  • Create the best video feature, especially the first ten seconds.
  • Use humor and spice-up your content.
  • Do not forget about the SEO profile of your videos.


The process of making a perfect video is complex and sometimes difficult. But choosing the best tool for your video editing is one step closer. That is why choosing the best video marketing is crucial.

We hope the above-mentioned tools and the tips provided by experts will help you in your journey to create the best in the market. Good Luck!

David is a technology specialist who has been writing about business, technology, and IT-related topics for the past 6 years. He loves working with brands to develop content that helps them connect with their target audience.