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An Ultimate Guide To Relocation To Spain For Soon-To-Be Ex-Pats

Spain is one of the high-in-demand locations for ex-pats worldwide! It is not in dispute that people love the Spanish goodies, the stable economy, and the promise of a better life in Spain’s cities. As such, you will find migrants from Asia, and Africa, far and near, aspiring to migrate to Spain for various reasons. 

However, the earlier you know and accept that there are good and bad ways to migrate to Spain, and if you want to have an extra wonderful and stay within the country’s shores, you had better do it correctly. This blog post is your ally in providing some of the most crucial immigration and relocation news for Spanish aspirants. 

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But first, relocate legally!

Simple preliminary tips

  • Read the Spanish Immigration websites and avoid moving with prohibited items. You will be surprised to find that some kitchen wares and food items from your home country may be banned for immigration purposes, so read just to be sure.
  • Be transparent in your declarations so discrepancies can be quickly resolved or backed up.
  • It is easier to migrate as an EU citizen than for non-EU citizens.

The various types of visas for entry into Spain

There are Four (4) main visas for entry and stay in Spain. They have various validity durations and are granted for varying purposes. These visa types will now be discussed below.

  1. The Schengen 90 days Visa – this visa allows citizens of the Schengen states to visit and stay in the member states for a cumulative period of 90 days in 180 days. It covers travel visits for tourism purposes, Flight stops, business visitations, etc. There are 27 member states in the Schengen:

Some non-member states honor the Schengen visa, namely Albania, Antigua, Barbuda, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Colombia, Cyprus, Georgia, Gibraltar, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Sao Tome, and Principe, Serbia, and Turkey. 

To apply for this visa, you must fill out an application form, provide the necessary documents and biometrics, pay a fee, and book an interview.

Other valid visa options that allow up to 90 Days of stay include the Spanish Business Visa and the Schengen Cultural Visa.

  1. The European National Visas

If you intend to stay in Spain for longer than 90 days, perhaps for study or work purposes, you will need to obtain a European National Visa. There are various types; for example:

Spanish Student VisaEmployment/ work visas
Golden Investors Visas

If you need to obtain any of the above visas, then be aware that you will need to apply for and receive a Foreigner Identity Card (NIE), which is some numbers and letters that reflect on all of your papers in the country.

A version of the Work Visa is the Spain Au Pair Visa, which allows air personnel and workers to stay during their shift change for a limited time. For employment visas, you will need the consent and sponsorship of your employer. Otherwise, you will not be granted.

  1. Spain Entrepreneur Visa

This visa is granted to entrepreneurs who invest in the country; Similar to the Golden Visas, with substantial investment, you can use this route to apply for permanent residence in the country. Many investors in real estate have obtained Golden and entrepreneur visas for their businesses in Spain.

General review of funds for visa applications

As an immigrant, you will need to show proof of funds for the period you will be staying; this is the country’s means to ensure that you are well-catered for in the state and not plunged into the streets upon arrival. Carefully calculate your proof of funds and ensure that you have enough in your bank statements to facilitate your visa grant.

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