What is Integration Formulas?

Integration formulae can be used in the study of integration in algebraic expressions, trigonometric ratios, inverse trigonometry functions, exponential forms, and logarithmic functions. The integration of functions is the original type of function that gives the resultant effect for which the derivatives were obtained. These integration formulae are useful in finding the derivative of a function. 

How Can You Represent The Integration Formulas?

The integration formulae can be presented via the six sets of formulae. Generally, integration is used to make unification of the part into a whole. The formulae include the basic integration functions, the product of the functions, the integration of the ratios, the inverse trigonometric functions, the product of the functions, and also provide some advanced set of integration formulae. Integration is the inversely related operation. The integration formula is as follows: 

 f'(x).dx = f(x) + C

List of Basic Integration Formulas

The list of basic integration formulas are given as under. The generalized results are being calculated with the help of these formulae: 

  • ∫ xn.dx = x(n + 1)/(n + 1)+ C
  • ∫ 1.dx = x + C
  • ∫ ex.dx = ex + C
  • ∫1/x.dx = log|x| + C
  • ∫ ax.dx = ax /loga+ C
  • ∫ ex[f(x) + f'(x)].dx = ex.f(x) + C

What Do You Mean by Integral Calculus?

The integral calculus helps us to find the functions which are antiderivative in nature. The other name of anti-derivatives is the integrals of functions. We find the anti-derivative of a function which is called the integration. While the inverse process by which we can find the derivatives is known as the process of finding the integrals. The family of curves is represented by the integral of a function. We can find both the derivatives and the integral from the fundamental calculus. 

More Insights On Integral Calculus

Integrals are called the value of the function which is represented by the process of integration. This is the process from where we get f(x) from the f'(x) this is called or defined as the process of integration. The integrals assign the numbers to the functions. This is a way that can describe the displacement and the motion problems, the area and the volume problems are also solved via this. 

What Are The Types of Integrals?

We use integral calculus for solving the following types of problems: 

The problem is related to the finding of the function which helps if the derivative is given. 

The problem is where the area which is bounded by the curve is to be calculated. Thus the integral calculus is of two types distinctly:

  • Definite Integrals where the values of the integrals are in the definite form.
  • The Indefinite Integrals where the value of the integral is in the indefinite form with an arbitrary consonant that is C.

Rules of Integrals

Given below are the most useful rules of integrals:

Common Functions Function Integral

  • Constant             ∫a dx             ax + C
  • Variable             ∫x dx             x2/2 + C
  • Square            ∫x2 dx             x3/3 + C
  • Reciprocal             ∫(1/x) dx ln|x| + C
  • Exponential             ∫ex dx             ex + C

                      ∫ax dx             ax/ln(a) + C

                          ∫ln(x) dx   x ln(x) − x + C

  • Trigonometry 

(x in radians) ∫cos(x) dx          sin(x) + C

                        ∫sin(x) dx -cos(x) + C

                        ∫sec2(x) dx tan(x) + C

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