Common Pests In Utah: How To Get Rid Of Them (Part 1)

Annoying pests have been a perennial challenge to households in Utah. One torn window screen in a house can pave the way to their grand entry. An open door can give them access to the inner part of the household. A tiny and hardly noticeable hole can provide them with an entryway to the basement. And they keep coming.

There is always a way to prevent and eliminate a pest problem. Dealing with the origin of a pest infestation is the best approach to get rid of them. Then, follow preventive measures to ensure that they will not bug you anymore. 

In this blog article, let’s get to know the common pests in Utah and the ways to eradicate them out of your home. 

1. Don’t Get Antsy with ANTS

It is effortless to spot ants. They are either red or black in terms of color, with three distinct sections in the body: the head, thorax, and abdomen. Most often, you can see them forming a trail. They are social insects, and they prefer living with millions of their fellow ants in large colonies.  

Ants can be as harmless as the black ants but can be as aggressive as the red ants. That is why the damage they can cause to people, animals, plants, and properties varies on the type you are confronting. 

Identify the type of ant in your household first. Then, use the appropriate remedy to eliminate them. However, one of the ant species, such as the carpenter ants, requires a professional exterminator to wipe them out as they can be dangerous to you.

Clearing away any moisture and food can prevent an ant infestation. These two essentials are the key to their survival. In avoiding any humidity at home, check if you have no leakage or excess moisture. Keep your food stored in tightly closed containers or put them in the refrigerator. Clean regularly and seal all cracks and holes around the house.

2. Beat the BEETLES

According to research, there are 112 beetles in Utah. This species range from timid to aggressive and vice versa. But as a homeowner, which species should you take heed?

First is the carpet beetles. The carpet beetles look like a ladybug, but their color has various patterns depending on the species. Although they are not threatening to humans, they can cause much damage to blankets, carpets, clothes, fabrics, furniture, and upholstery. They eat and lay eggs on these materials. By the way, they also feed on the hair’s oils and eat them while the person is asleep. If the victim is sensitive to bristle-covered bodies, they can suffer from skin irritations due to contact with these beetles. 

Another is the common ground beetle. These beetles are also not dangerous, but they can bring significant trouble to homeowners. Gardens are their favorite. They usually live under a leaf or woodpile or even rocks. 

Vacuuming can help remove both of these beetles. But then again, if you have a more extensive invasion of pests, it is best to consult professional pest control companies in Utah to help you clear them from your property. 

3. BUGS Alert

Believe it or not, there are about 91,000 described species of bugs in the United States. This count does not include the undescribed species, which amounts to around 70,000. There are so many bugs in the world, let alone in a household. Some of these bugs are pesky pests that you do not want around. This list includes the bed bugs and boxelder bugs. 

Bed bugs are undoubtedly troublesome if they have found a way inside your house. They are brown and flat with an oval-shaped body that grows about 4-5 millimeters long. 

As parasitic insects, bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and animals as their nourishment. These vampire-like insects are so tiny, and they can hide so quickly that it is grueling to locate them. The only evidence of their attack is the red, itchy spot they left on your skin. Suffering from their bites is genuinely frustrating.

Dealing with a bed bug infestation does not only involve removing or spraying a DIY solution on the infected upholstery or furnishing. Since these critters are puny, some of them might escape and reproduce again. Handling the root cause is the best method so they can no longer re-establish themselves. Professional exterminators are up to the task of removing the bed bugs from your home. 

Remember that bed bugs can hitch a ride on bags, clothes, furnishings, or packages outside your house. Hence, be careful and thoroughly inspect all the things that come inside your home.

On the other hand, boxelder bugs like ash and maple trees live in boxelder trees; thus, their name. They are tiny bugs that are only half an inch in length with long antennae. They are either black or dark-brown with reddish-orange markings on their oval-shaped bodies. 

Having a boxelder bug in your home is troublesome because of their liquid feces. Their feces may stain your precious fabrics with a red mark. If you have the nose to endure any unpleasant smell, it is easy to squish them. Be prepared, though, for the stink they will release when it happens. 

Another option is to use the vacuum-clean as soon as you see them. After cleaning the bugs up, throw the vacuum bag right away. However, if you suspect a more considerable invasion of these bugs, the help of a pest control professional is the most convenient.

To prevent boxelder bugs from rummaging your home for a place to take shelter, especially during winter, fix the broken and torn window screens and caulk cracks and crevices around your house’s walls.  

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