Improve Your Xfinity Internet Speed by Doing These 5 Things

The internet may be the solution to many of our problems, however, what happens when the internet is the one causing problems? Where should you go to get solutions then? Well, for starters, you could get in touch with the ISP that is responsible for your internet connection. Aside from that, you could always try some basic troubleshooting tips and tricks and see if that is the solution to your problem.

You should keep in mind that if your ISP is not a good provider, you will be facing these issues frequently, and won’t be the only issue you will be facing too. This is why it is important to take your time and get a good ISP once and for all, so you don’t have to keep struggling later on. 

If we were to recommend a provider here, it would be Xfinity! And the fact that you have found your way to this article means that you must be a customer of Xfinity.

Well, in that case, let’s not drag things out anymore. Here are the 5 things you should do to improve your Xfinity internet speed!

Check Router/Gateway Placement

Oftentimes, the reason we have weak Wi-Fi signals is because of the router placement. As good and as advanced as the router is, it will always give you problems if you place it in the wrong place. For example, if your router is in a small enclosed space, or next to the microwave, the Wi-Fi signals will obviously get distorted. 

So, the first thing you should do when facing a poor internet connection is to check the location of your router. Ideally, your router should be placed a few feet above the ground and in a central location away from electronic devices and away from thick surfaces.

Run a Full Network Test

If you are facing problems with your internet and you have an xFi Gateway, then you could start by running a full network test. This is going to help you determine the problem with your connection or network. It will also help you troubleshoot these very issues. In order to perform a full network test, you will have to use the Xfinity app.

  • Open the app and select Connect.
  • Click Test your Internet and then select Run a test.

If you are wondering to which extent the network test will check, here’s a simple explanation. The full network test checks for service outages in the area, the speed of the internet, and the device connections plus their strength of connectivity.

Restart Your Equipment

Some problems with your router can be solved by a simple restart. Restarting the router is like refreshing the page and this helps to clear out something that could easily be the problem. Additionally, restarting the router also helps with keeping you safe. According to the FBI, rebooting the router will disable malware temporarily and also help to identify potential threats in your system. You can restart your Xfinity Gateway or router manually or via the Xfinity My Account App.

Connect High-Bandwidth Devices with Ethernet Cable

If you are using a device that is taking up a lot of bandwidth, we recommend that you use an Ethernet cable to connect the said device. The reason for this is that these connections could slow down other connections as well if they are connected wirelessly due to taking up a lot of the bandwidth. 

Moreover, you won’t be able to enjoy whatever you are doing due to the poor internet connection. Not only will the other devices suffer from a slow connection, but the activity you are trying to do like watching a movie or streaming games will be interrupted repeatedly too.

Use One Wi-Fi Name for Your Xfinity Home Network

You must have heard the terms “Dual-band router” or “Tri-band router”. There’s nothing complicated about these terms, except that they can broadcast different radio bands for the Wi-Fi network. For dual-band routers, you can choose from 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, whereas for tri-band routers, you get to choose from 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz. 

For all these different radio bands, you can set different names and passwords and this can pretty much confuse you and doesn’t enable easy switching for your devices. If you choose the same name and password for all three, your device can alternate between the two or three to pick the fastest one.

To come to the point

Internet speed can be affected by several factors, whether big or small. While most ISPs prevent this from happening by having some sort of backup and upgraded systems and technology, unfortunately, it is inevitable. So, the next time you are facing problems with Xfinity internet, know that it is not because they are terrible at their job, rather it is simply because things happen. Of course, you can count on these things happening far less than they would if you were signed with a bad provider!

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