Best Virtual Data Room for Secure Document Storage

Looking for a secure VDR provider to quickly share and store your data? Then you should familiarize yourself with virtual data rooms’ main qualities and understand their advantages over the usual storage of documents in the cloud.

For more information, visit Before making a choice, you should carefully study all the necessary information. Otherwise, you are at risk of opting for something that does not suit you. In addition, you can overpay for unnecessary things your company does not need. You decide.

What Are the Key Points for Secure Document Management

This is a key question because you will not know if your data is safe without a good study. If the information is compromised, it would be an unfortunate turn for any business. So here are the tell-tale signs to look for:

  • Virus check. This function should be automatic for the safety of loading documents into the database. Virus scanning will prevent many complications when working with data.
  • If the client does not need ISO 27001 certification, their provider should be given a guarantee. Certified data room software shows that the provider has policies and rules that will not interfere.
  • Security. If the documents are not secure, this can threaten the company’s reputation. Therefore, virtual data room vendors must choose 256-bit advanced encryption, premium SSL/TLS protocols, and strong cipher suites.
  • The ability to set permissions for user groups. It is very convenient when users can independently reconfigure the permissions to suit their needs, even if they have already been entered in advance. This will improve work productivity.
  • Digital Rights Management. DRM allows you to monitor data within the system and send it to someone. Not every data room can provide guarantees. The most popular and well-known, which works for the long term, can give the user such a digital advantage.
  • Activity tracking lets you fully control the information you once shared with others. In addition to the visit history, you can see the time of the changes made and other manipulations with the document. It is especially important to know who shared data and how many times.
  • Control and management imply absolute power and the ability to give access to other users of different levels. This means that someone can download and share the document while others are denied. Rights can be limited up to just reading the document. Some users can be allowed to comment or make edits.

Some Data Rooms You May Use

Don’t know which provider to choose? Take advantage of ready-made data for better analysis and data selection. Here are some of the most usable and famous virtual data rooms you may choose for secure document exchange. 

  • iDeals
  • DealRoom
  • Citrix
  • Datasite
  • Box
  • Intralinks.

Here are world leaders headquartered primarily in the United States and other major countries. We have chosen exactly those virtual data room vendors recommended by more than 90% of users.


The virtual data room is opened within several minutes and requires a few clicks to start a project. It is considered to be one of the best. The provider uses multiple certification (ISO 27001, SOC2) datacentres to provide its users with secure document storage. In addition, it has other useful features, such as Q&A workflow, granular reporting, and automatic notifications. In 99.9% of cases, users had no security issues.

Document security is one of its stronger points. The administrator may use watermarks and remote shreds, a fence view, a secure spreadsheet view, and redaction for better document protection. It also uses security standards such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified Data Centers, SOC2, GDPR, and HIPAA.


The company has assisted more than 65,000 clients. The most usable sectors are healthcare, finance, accounting, and legal. Here you may face such document security features as 256-bit SSL data room encryption and SSL and TLS encryption during regular and bulk uploads. Users will also be provided with unique passwords and detailed access configurations for secure login.


This product takes security very seriously, so the company constantly trains employees on its premises. Therefore, they are fully aware and comply with the safety rules. There is also a scheduled annual audit of the response to security measures. This greatly reduces the risks of potential threats.

Staff members can only access data with a special key card to increase physical security measures. In contrast, for others, access is possible only with registration in the system and authorized access.

Also added to the level of security are customizable watermarks, through which users can see personal information on documents being accessed. This prevents the unauthorized exchange of information inside and outside the system.

Granular user permissions show the access levels of workers managed centrally by the administrator. So s/he can personally restrict the actions of workers with a lower level of access if the situation requires it.


One of the security criteria is multi-factor authentication. In this context, the user, in case of loss of a device or data, in part, may have more guarantees that someone will get confidential information using his account. 

As an advanced feature, vector-based watermarking allows the administrator to add watermarks at the same image quality. As a result, a single entry point reduces the number of entry points for unauthorized malware attacks. Also, the virtual data room has enhanced AES 256-bit encryption for data storage and transmission. 

There are also several security certifications and Box KeySafe. The latter solution can be integrated with this virtual data room to manage client encryption keys securely.


Each user can personally choose the most convenient solution. The above options are suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. You can learn more about each data room and its areas of use here at This will increase your awareness and help you target your desired product.

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