KissCartoon – 21 Best Alternatives That Works in 2021


With the fast-paced internet emerged a new face of entertainment that operates exclusively online. Be it gaming, movies, series, cartoons, or anime, there are thousands of online streaming websites where you can watch your favorite shows. If you are a cartoon lover, then you’d know that KissCartoon was the hot favorite cartoon streaming website across borders. It contained a massive collection of a variety of genres in cartoons, animated pictures, and anime. 

Unfortunately, KissCartoon stopped streaming abruptly a few years back and Toon lovers have been looking for the KissCartoon Alternatives since then. Since then there are several websites have surfaced that offer something very similar to KissCartoon, but they are not the same. It is also worth mentioning that there are a lot of websites that operate with similar or the same name, but those are alternatives to KissCartoon or Kiss Cartoon Mirrors. 

since no one can foresee, if KissCartoon unblocks or not, thus we bring you KissCartoon alternatives 2021 and mirrors that can serve you well. Through proper research and thorough search, we have narrowed down some websites that can fulfill your taste for the cartoons if KissCartoon was your favorite streaming platform. Let’s dig into the details and know more about these KissCartoon alternatives and see which one of them works the best for you. 

What is KissCartoon? 

KissCartoon is an online alternative to TV entertainment. It is a website that streams a wide variety of cartoons and animated series. Its genre also includes anime and popular cartoons from the past years. It is an amazing platform for kids and adults. Whether you want to stream the episode your missed on live TV or you want to take a trip down to memory lane and childhood, KissCartoon is the best possible companion for everyone out there. As the KissCartoon Proxy does not operate anymore, thus users are utilizing several other domains as the alternative to KissCartoon. 

Is KissCartoon Safe?

KissCartoon is a free streaming website. It means that the website generates revenue and money through advertisements and ads. These are mostly the unwelcomed pop-ups that you get when you try to play a certain video or stream something. One downside of the free streaming platform is that there is no proper scrutiny of the ads and what they possess. 

Some of these could be adware and malware that can potentially harm your computer and its data. There are also privacy and data theft issues and concerns that come attached with the ads and the accidental clicks. Such incidents rarely happen, but one can’t be too sure about safety. However, safe surfing and properly installed anti-virus software can save you from such incidents, even when streaming free websites. 

Without further ado let’s take a look at some of the other domains and alternatives of KissCartoon.

Top 21 KissCartoon Alternatives

1. KissAnime

kisscartoon first alternative

For the die heart anime fans that want to watch the episodes of their favorite series as soon as they are released, KissAnime is the perfect platform. Don’t worry too much! It is the perfect platform for all the other types of cartoons as well. There is a huge database for all types of animated series and movies, but it is predominantly for anime viewership. 

One of the best features is that the platform does not open up new pop or access the external player. It has a built-in player that plays that video without taking you to another URL. In addition to that, it is all platforms friendly and can work with any browser without lags and delays. All the video quality is extremely good and gives you the option to stream in several qualities. If you are looking for a diverse platform that is a perfect KissCartoon alternative then Kiss Anime is the one for you.

2. WatchCartoonsOnline

best alternative for kisscartoon

For simplicity lovers and people to like straightforward layouts, watchcartoononline is the perfect option. Anime is one of the prominent categories it houses among several others. One thing to remember is that the original website is no longer operating but its minor domains are fully functional. 

They also house the same variety and genre of anime and other cartoons. The search bars allow easy navigation and find the exact series. Feel free to let your kids wander and surf the website freely. For anime lovers, there is a massive category of subbed as wells and dubbed versions of anime. 

3. Crunchyroll

If you are looking for all device and platform-friendly alternatives, then CrunchyRoll is one streaming website for you. In addition to the cartoons if you feel like watching Naruto or any other anime then CruncyRoll has got you all covered

Kids-friendly, a legitimate website that is streaming all-time favorite and latest cartoon series, is a perfect new name for KissCartoon. With the diversity and variety offered on this platform, you will not miss the old website. The quality content is also available for download if you want to save your favorite episode on your device. In addition to that, you can use it on any browser or device. 

4. Anime Toon

With flying ratings and soaring number of daily views and large traffic flow, Anime Toon is another website that fits the definition of absolute alternatives. It is one of the most efficient and easy navigation platforms. Your kids can easily surf through the website without needing supervision. Most importantly, there will be no weird, PG ads and pop-ups on this website. 

Apart from cartoons and as the name of the website suggests, you can also find a range of anime on the website. With categorical arrangement and an easy search option, you will be able to find the cartoons you are looking for in no time. 

5. Toonova

Manga series or all kinds of cartoon related content, the Toonova website is a sight to behold. One of the best features of this website is its friendliness with Manga. To see anime in full bloom at the hands of the creators, Toonova brings you a large collection of anime to read. 

In addition to that, there is a massive collection of old as well as new cartoons. daily uploads of all the latest episodes, or updated movies and countless anime, this website has all the goodness of the cartoon world as well as manga world.

6. Cartoon Network

cartoon network is best mirror of kisscartoon

Who could ever forget the Tonami spree and good old days of baby looney tunes on TV? As one of the oldest and the original broadcasters of cartoons, Cartoon Network is one place that we can all count on. It has remained the sole bearer of the crown of the best broadcaster across the globe. It is the whole catalog of the cartoon in itself. 

Whether you are looking for Cartoon Network classics for your kids or you want to go for anime, Cartoon Network will suffice. There is a wide variety of cinematic and animated entertainment for you on the website. It has a kid-friendly interface that will let your kids explore all by themselves. 

7. Watch Series

If you are looking for something that has anime, cartoons and all other forms of video-based entertainments, then watch series is the platform for you. It contains everything from the latest series to all anime and cartoons of all sorts. All the classic episodes of the old show are present on this streaming site. 

It is free and has a good loading speed with streaming great quality. The domain name changes very often so if you are using this platform then you will have to keep in touch with the latest version that is not down. The ad pop up is also an issue with the website but it is workable with the ad blocker plugin.  

8. CartoonCrazy

most popular cartoons mirror site

Another name for perfection and great variety is cartooncrazy. It is a perfect alternative to KissCartoon that does not let you miss out on any of the latest movies or anime episodes. If you are looking for a home to all the old and latest anime and other cartoons, then cartooncrazy is the place to go. 

There are several categories and diversity which give you the freedom to search and explore the genre you love. In addition to that, it is a perfect kid’s friendly place with a kids’ collection of animated movies and cartoon series. 

9. 9Anime

best mirror for kisscartoon

Latest Anime or old-school anime, 9Anime is the place to go if you are looking for any type of Japanese animation. This website offers the best categorization that allows the users to find everything they are looking for and explore more options to watch. It is paradise and one of the most teeming online platforms that house tons of series and movies. 

Surf through the uploads or look at the upcoming schedules, the website offers a lot of activities to keep you entertained. Apart from anime, you can also find the catalog collection of other types of cartoons. The website is updated and carries all the latest episodes and movies for you to watch.  

10. Disney Junior

Disney has remained an essential part of the childhood of all generations. The movies are renewed for each new era but the essence remains the same. You want healthy, meaningful, and deep entertainment for your kids, then Disney junior is the place to go. It is an exclusive kids platform that houses all the Disney-made kids-friendly content. 

With funky colors and a child-like interface, this website is the perfect retreat. One can find all the old-school Disney movies that kids love. All of the video data is easily steamtable and there are no lags or compromises on the quality. If you want your little ones to have the childhood that you had, then Disney Junior is just the haven for them.

11. CartoonExtra

cartoon alternative for kisscartoon

Cartoon Extra is another shiny platform that is a very similar interface to that of KissCartoon Lists. All the old-school cartoons from the golden period of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are available for the users. From the episodes of Simpsons to SpongeBob, this website is the eternal cartoon heaven for both kids and adults. 

Its easy navigation and streamlined interface do not complicate the process of use and you will be directed to where you want to be right away. For millennials and Gen X, it is a nostalgic place that is teeming with a lot of memories from childhood. It is without a doubt a perfect alternative to KissCartoon. It also houses a huge collection of anime and comes with the option of downloadable content. 

12. KimCartoon

Kiss cartoon alternative

Diversity of content, seamless streaming, endless variety, is another top-rated website for you. It also serves as one of the best alternatives for KissCartoon. Categorization and easy searching will let you find the cartoon series that you are looking for. It contains the latest episodes and animated movies in HD quality.

The flexibility of the platform attracts thousands of users every day that comes and surf the website. The built-in player will let you play the cartoons without delays and lags. It possesses a good streaming speed that will not hinder your entertainment even for a few seconds. It is not an ad-free zone, thus the frequent pop-ups can annoy you at times. 

13. Chia-Anime

Manga uploads, anime, cartoons, and gaming experience, this platform is packed with fun and entertainment for kids as well as adults. Watch classic Naruto or go for a Minecraft match; this website has got it all. 

Diversity on the website is not restricted to just the cartoons. In addition to video entertainment, it has got manga series and games to make everything more fun. The built-in player will make the playbacks easy and top-quality video will give you the ultimate screen experience. It is one of the best platforms for kids as well. 

14. Cartoons On

With millions of users visiting the website on monthly basis, it is one of the platforms this is liked and loved by all equally well. The streaming service knows no bounds can work pretty well across most countries. There is diversity and variety on the platform everything from the classics to the latest series is available. 

Some of the problems that most users face are pop-ups and redirections. Although it does not happen very often sometimes the click redirects you onto another website or webpage. In addition to that, the pop-up ads might delay the playing of the video or episode because some of these ads are automatic and you cannot skip them.

15. AnimeRhino (Down)

Last but not the least, an alternative that we have to offer is AnimeRhino. It is a predominantly anime platform, but it does not mean that it lacks in other categories. The huge collection of cartoons will give you kids a lot to choose from.

 It also comes with the facility to download, so if your internet is problematic you can download instead of living stream. The simple interface is kids-friendly and lets users of all ages explore their options effortlessly. Cartoon, movies, anime, and much, it is a full-fledged entertainment center for everyone. 



The collection of websites that we have covered above, serves the purpose of perfect and functional alternatives to the KissCartoon App and website. These websites offer 100% original content that becomes readily available soon after the airing of the episodes of ongoing shows. The quality content will not disappoint you and your carving for the older platform will be fulfilled. The most important thing is that these websites are free and you can stream without paying a dime. So stream away that perfect KissCartoon alternative. Happy cartooning! 

Frequently asked Questions 

Below we have answered some of the most commonly asked queries about the website KissCartoon and the Alternatives. Hope these clear up the air of ambiguity and question around the streaming website. 

What happened to KissCartoon?

KissCartoon shut down back in 2017 due to what seemingly was a copyright issue. It hasn’t surfaced again since then. Most of its regular users have switched to the KissCartoon alternative and other streaming websites. 

What is the real KissCartoon site?

The real KissCartoon website was what people used a few years back. It was the original and widely used domain that was popular among the masses. After 2017 all similar domains are alternatives to KissCartoon. 

Is KissCartoon a virus?

It is not a virus itself, but a website that used ads to generate revenue. These ads can sometimes be affected by the threat of a virus and can cause potential harm to the PC it is open on. 

Where can I watch free cartoon movies?

Several websites are operating to provide free streaming of cartoon movies and much more. Some of these platforms that are very popular include…

What are the best KissCartoon alternatives?

Many KissCartoon alternatives can serve the former KissCartoon users very well. Some of the best alternatives include….

Are KissCartoon alternative websites legal?

It cannot be generally said if all of them are legal or not as some of the websites don’t hold proper licensing for media. On the other hand, some of them have the license and are totally legal for streaming. 

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