GetIntoPc: Is it Safe? Pros & Cons and Why You Should Choose It?

GetIntoPc is all you need If you are fond of downloading and using different applications for different purposes on your personal computer. Downloading free software or software on trial is not a new thing.

People usually need software for temporary use, so the trial period is more than enough for them. In short, they do not wish to buy the software in the long term for home or small office use.

Moreover, due to a limited budget, many people cannot afford to buy paid software, which is of much use to them. To cater to this issue, GetIntoPc is the perfect website for such users. 

Get Into PC is the most popular website on the internet from where you can download any software for free.

By free means, you do not have to spend even a single penny to use the amazing features of the software you intend to download.  And the good thing is completely safe to use! 

What is GetIntoPc? 

GetIntoPc is a website from where you can download all types of software for free without any virus. Get Into PC aims to provide all the software to its users that they want for routine use.

The main goal of the Get Into PC website is to provide its users with a platform where they can get a direct downloading link of any software without any wait and enjoy unlimited downloads.

Users can even request software downloading links at the Get into PC website, and they will upload the link as soon as possible for the users. 

Here are very few websites on the internet from which you can download free software without getting your personal computer infected by a virus or malware. So, choosing GetIntoPc to download software is a wise decision.


Is it safe to download from Get Into PC?

Is it safe to download from Get Into PC?

GetIntoPc is a completely safe platform to download any type of file and software on your computer. Reviews from many people around the internet confirm that the software available for getting Into a PC is 100% safe from viruses and malware.

However, it is still recommended to guard yourself. Always keep on the antivirus application or Windows built-in Defender while downloading files or software.

Why Choose GetIntoPc to Download Software?

There are only a few websites on the internet that allow users to download all types of software for free, and GetIntoPc is one of those few websites.

But the main question is why a person should select Get Into PC over other websites. There are two main reasons which are as below. 

· You Do Not Get a Virus

Getting a virus on your personal computer or a laptop whenever you download software is a common practice. Viruses are usually attached to the software file you download and enter into your computer.

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They destroy your computer or some important files making it difficult to use a computer perfectly. GetIntoPc ensures 100% safety of your computer and provides virus-free links.

· You do Not face Redirections

When we open a website to download a file or software, commonly, it redirects us to other websites. It means another website or links open, then another, and so on. All these links are due to the ads on the pages.

GetIntoPc is a good website that does not redirect users to other websites. It simply gives a direct downloading link to users so that users can enjoy unlimited downloads.

Categories on GetIntoPc Website

Asus 2-in-1 q535
Photo Credit: Get Into PC

Get Into PC is a famous website for downloading software for free. It started as a website to share PC software and games with a free test report. But with the increase in its popularity, the GetIntoPC website added a lot more features and categories. The top 10 main categories in which apps can be divided are as below. 

  1. Software Categories
  2. Operating Systems
  3. 3D CAD
  4. Multimedia
  5. Graphic Design 
  6. Development
  7. Antivirus
  8. Education
  9. Donates
  10. Tutorials

All the software available to download on the GetIntoPc platform is updated continuously. So, that users can maximize the use of the website. ‘The website is well organized for the users to get the desired software with few clicks.

For example, if you are looking for a picture editing tool, then you can simply jump into the category of graphic designing and find your desired software link there.

In case you do not have any idea which category the software may belong to, you can search for that software in the search bar. The search results will show relevant results making the search a bit easier for you. 

Pros and Cons of Get Into PC Website

Some of the pros and cons of the Get Into PC website are as below. 


  • A perfectly organized website. It also has easy-to-follow tutorials and guide links.
  • You do not need to enter any kind of personal information (such as credit card information, id card information) to download free apps and software.
  • It is a huge database of free and paid software and apps, which are difficult to find on the internet.
  • Fast downloading speed.
  • No redirections to access the download link.
  • 100% safe to use. GetIntoPc checks applications and software for viruses and malware before posting the direct download link.


  • You cannot find all applications, files, or software on this platform. However, you have to option to request them.
  • Some of the already decrypted or cracked files and software do not work perfectly.
  • You cannot download or install some applications. They are available only for testing purposes.

Is it Legal to use Get Into PC?

Get Into PC website does not directly deal with the legality issue of the software and applications. All legality issues of software and applications available on getting Into PC are handled by third parties.

If the third party has the right and license to share the downloading and installing link of the software, then downloading software is legal.

In case they do not have the legal permit to share the application or software full version downloadable link, then you may get illegal software in your computer system. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official website of Get Into PC? 

As Get into Pc is becoming a popular website, people are on the verge of coping with it.
They are creating similar websites with the same names, content, and theme to have the traffic Get Into PC is expected to have.
Even the domain names are almost similar, which confuses the users.

How to search for an application or software in Get Into PC?

Searching for an application or software to get into a Pc is easy.
If you do not name the software but know the category from which the software or application belongs, you can browse through the categories to look for the right one for you.
In case you know the exact name, you can search for the exact name or keyword in the search bar in the top right corner.

Do I need to provide personal information to download software from GetIntoPc?

No, users do not need to provide any type of personal information (credit card details, phone number, email, etc.) to download software or application from the GetIntoPc website.

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