What Jobs Will Be Soon Replaced by Robots

Modern technology has reached a level where many professions are becoming rudimentary. Artificial intelligence, robots, drones, and special algorithms can replace millions of people. This is not the end of the world since there are many tasks that only people can do. After all, humanity is developing new technologies for the benefit of future generations. Nevertheless, there are quite a few jobs that will remain in the past after the massive introduction of robots and artificial intelligence.

Insurance Underwriters

Imagine how long it takes a person to analyze all the parameters associated with insurance. At the moment, insurance underwriters are making good money, but not for long. Japan has already begun testing artificial intelligence to analyze large amounts of data and make decisions related to insurance and various payments. What if this amount of data can be analyzed in 60 seconds? Imagine a psychology essay writing service that can write a paper for a student in less than a minute. This sounds like a myth. Nevertheless, a special computer model is synchronized with databases and can make decisions tens of times faster than anyone.

Medical Staff

Recently, IBM Watson has become the most breakthrough technology for analyzing medical history and test results to determine an accurate diagnosis. Imagine tens of thousands of books, scientific journals, articles, and operational reports processed by the digital brain in a couple of minutes. No one can store and use so much data. That is why the next generations may no longer deal with doctors and medical staff.

Bank Managers

As a rule, most of the bank’s clients are forced to communicate with managers to solve problems, apply for loans, or discuss any issues. Today, many banks use scoring models to determine the solvency or reliability of customers. Moreover, many online banks offer direct download of digital documents, so you no longer need to visit financial branches to verify your data. In addition, computer algorithms are capable of processing more data than any human being. That is why the classical model of banking services may completely change in the next ten years.

Financial Analysts

Just 20 years ago, financial analysts and brokers were very rich and respected people. Few could predict the movement of market prices, and professional analysts were in great demand. Unfortunately, today any Internet user can use online bots to analyze market prices and draw up financial strategies. Robots can analyze any price fluctuation and predict future trends. That is why you should not spend 5-7 years on becoming an analytical expert. You may have to look for another job in the next ten years.

Professional drivers

Already today, Tesla, Mercedes, and Toyota are ready to offer drivers a smart autopilot system. Thanks to sensors and a traffic analysis system, robocars can safely bring passengers to their destination. Of course, artificial intelligence is still imperfect and can make mistakes. However, the digital brain does not act impulsively and does not try to drive in the oncoming lane. That is why drivers will have to find another job in the next 10-15 years.

Call Center Employees

Have you ever had a chance to communicate with call center employees? Most likely, it was difficult for you to explain anything, and finding the right solution took about 10-20 minutes. Fortunately, modern technology does not standstill. Already today, many banks use a smart system for analyzing client requests. 

You need to say a keyword or a whole sentence so that the algorithm will offer you the most suitable solution to the problem. Moreover, the activation or configuration of certain services is now fully automated. Now you do not need to spend a lot of time explaining the essence of your problem. Unfortunately, this means that many people will soon lose their jobs.

Construction Workers

Over the past few years, scientists have created automatic 3D printers that can build houses from plastic, cement, and other materials. In addition, there are robots such as SAM (Semi-Automated Mason) that can lay bricks and foam blocks three times faster than humans. At the same time, companies do not need to pay salaries to artificial intelligence. However, these technologies are at an early stage of development, so construction workers have another 10-15 years to find another way to make money.


Let’s say you live in the United States or another country where you have to pay taxes, take into account value-added, import duties, and other aspects. Perhaps you have decided to start your business and understand that you cannot move forward without the services of an accountant. 

At the moment, this is a completely logical decision. However, more than 20 countries are already developing independent accounting and profit analysis systems. Imagine that you do not need to pay money to an accountant because all taxes are automatically deducted from your bank account. The same applies to declarations or any reports. Moreover, the smart algorithm can automatically generate all papers for regulatory authorities.

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