How to Improve Your Typing Skills: Life Hacks and Top Apps

In the modern rhythm of life, it is impossible not to type. Everyone, regardless of their professional sphere, has to type from time to time. Students, teachers, business owners, journalists, doctors, lawyers, and anyone who must complete certain documents, have to type.

You should apply your typing skills even in your everyday life. Communication on social media, writing letters or complaints, and even messaging on your smartphone — all this requires some typing skills. 

Wasting too much time trying to compose an email is not efficient. If you need to type something daily due to your work, you must improve your typing skills and bring them to the next level. By the way, there is a perfect alternative to typing for students and people working in different spheres — professional transcription services. 

You can simply create audio to text transcription and get back to it whenever it is necessary to you. There is no need to type your lectures or rewrite audio or video files. You can just use professional transcription services and get your full-fledged text very quickly.

Even when using audio transcription, you may still need to have some sufficient typing skills, so learning how to do it is crucial. Here you have top tips, tricks, and apps that should help you learn and improve your typing skills really promptly.

Top Apps to learn typing faster 

1. Typingtest

Before you start improving your typing skills, you should estimate how good they are at the moment. Everything might be better than you think. It would be nice to know where you are at the moment, so use Typingtest to check.

All you need is to:

  • Open the website;
  • Choose the time — starting from 1 minute;
  • Pick the complexity of the text;
  • Type as fast as you can.

This service is very convenient as you can see how fast you fast at once. It shows you how many errors and typos you have made and at what level you are at the moment. The greatest benefit is that you can find many exercises there to improve your typing skills and check yourself at any stage.

2. TypeFaster Typing Tutor

Another great free app that teaches you how to type faster. Thanks to it, you can learn to type without looking at the keyboard. This is how a professional transcription job is done. Professional transcriptionists work using “touch type”. They look at their screen only and never look down at their keyboards.

3. Stamina Typing Tutor

This is a perfect app for both those who can type traditionally and people who want to learn a more alternative way of typing. For example, some people experience pain or do not feel comfortable while typing. This app will teach you another method, and you can avoid those complications.

While learning, you do not feel pressured or like working. It is a very fun app that allows you to hear funny sounds, see nice images, and even listen to music while practicing—learning while entertaining is perfect. If you want to teach your kids typing, this app would be the best fit.

4. Typeracer

Another great app to rest from traditional typing and just have fun is called Typeracer. It is a sort of an amusing game. On this website, you participate in typing racers with other users. The spirit of competition and the will to win encourages a lot.

When you see the green lights, you should type the complete sentence in front of you. It is not meant to teach you how to type quickly but to do it correctly. Each time when you make mistakes, you have to go back and fix them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to continue. 

If you want to test not only your typing speed but accuracy and efficiency. The app is a great motivation since you are not just typing but competing with others and want to complete the task the soonest. 

5. The Typing Cat

This app promises you to get top typing skills by training just 10 minutes a day. They offer tons of exercises for everyone. Even the beginner can learn how to type fast quite quickly. So you would not get bored, they offer different games to entertain you. 

Learning how to type while playing is very efficient. Their tests are very intuitive. You can see the keyboard on the screen and know where you should put your fingers. They also provide many lessons and courses, and you can easily check where you are at the moment. 

The app is free, but there is a Pro version you can buy and access top features. You can even save your progress and get back to it later.

There are many other apps you can find both online and on your smartphone. Multiple apps are offered on the AppStore and PlayMarket for learning how to type on your mobile or tablet.

Now, check what else you may need to learn how to type faster. 

Some life hacks for faster typing

6. Be patient

Patience is necessary for any business, including typing. If you are eager to start but give up because you did not manage to learn typing fast within 30 minutes or less. It requires much more. People complete different courses and get certificates that they are great typists. 

You cannot do it just because you sit at the computer. Patience is what you need. You will need to start again and again. If you cannot type faster, don’t despair. Have some rest and get back to it to start the process again.

7. Be systematic

Once again, learning how to type within one day is impossible. You need to practice often. Only practice makes perfect, no matter how gifted you are. It is better to devote at least 10-15 minutes a day but every day. 

This way, you will develop the skills. If you spend 3 hours today but leave it for a week or a month, do not be surprised that your skills are gone again.

If you do not have time to wait and need a good grammar spelling context the soonest, use specific transcription media tools that will facilitate the process for you. You do not need to retype the text on your own but let professionals or automated software do it for you. 

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