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Best Online Photo Editor in 2021

Fotor is an online photo editing website that helps you edit your photos easily and reliably. You can edit photos, make collages, and make beautiful designs with fotor. Now you don’t need to download photo editing software to your computer for editing your photos like a pro as you can now edit them with this online photo editor. If you want to save your past memories by making collages, enhance your portrait photos with some good looking effects or boost your sales by making poster designs, fotor has got your back. You can visit the fotor.com and subscribe to them for editing your pics online.


Fotor provides you many features for editing your photos like a pro. Some of the main features include photo editing, photo effects, and portrait retouching.

Using Fotor’s photo editor is like editing your photos on a photo editing application, but with the facility of doing it online without downloading the software. You can easily adjust color and size and color along with much more personalization. HDR effects are also provided by fotor for advanced photo editing.

With the photo effects feature, you can add professionally designed effects to your photos for giving them a professional look.

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By using the portrait retouching feature, you can give your portraits a beauty touch by a few clicks. You can give your portraits a makeover, add highlights, and increase radiance to make them look more beautiful.

Let’s go to some outstanding features in detail.


Other than the main features, fotor also provides some special features which include background removal. With fotor you can remove background from photos like a pro. Now you don’t need to download complicated software that requires manual removal of background which is very complicated to perform. Now you can easily remove backgrounds from photos with Fotor’s online Background remover.

Benefits of a transparent background

After removing the background, you will have a transparent background which is beneficial in many ways. You can add any background on your photos and it will not look like cheap editing as the background is removed professionally. A transparent background is very beneficial for product advertisement, you can post ads related to your product with any background you want. A lot of companies use this technique to boost their sales. If you want to do it too, you can use Fotor’s background remover for doing it professionally.

Remove backgrounds easily

For removing the background from your photos professionally, you don’t need to do that much effort which is required for professional background removal when you are using fotor. That’s because fotor uses digital technology to analyze the clipping edges magically. This helps you to cut the unwanted part just by a few clicks.

How to use Fotor’s background remover

1-    Open Fotor’s background remover, then click on the magic clipper and the photo you want to modify.

2-    For retaining the parts of the image, use “green brush” and for removal, use “red brush”.

3-    Mark the parts which you want to retain or remove with the respective brush.

4-    Click on “preview” to make your final adjustments.

5-    When you are done with the above steps, click on “save” and select the format for your image.


A collage maker is another major feature provided by fotor. With Fotor’s Collage maker, you can combine a bunch of photos and make them into a collage easily and professionally. You don’t need to learn a lot about using Fotor’s collage maker as it is very easy to use. You will not find any difficulty using the collage maker feature as compared to other complicated photo editing software. You can use the collage maker feature in many different ways.

Making a collage of your story

You can use the collage maker to combine photos and turn them into a storytelling collage. You can use different templates for your collages. There are a bunch of options from which you can select the best templates that fit your collage. You can use the collage feature to give your collage an artistic look or a warm look or add some funky collage layouts for your family photos. You can also promote your business with the collage maker by creating stunning and meaningful collages.

Customizing collages

Fotor’s collage maker allows you to customize the collages in the way you want. You can customize collages by adjusting the border width and corner rounding. You can also change the color of the background of the collages. You can also add text to your photos. When you are done, you can still resize your photo collages.


1) Classic collage

Classic collage option allows you to adjust borders, apply different effects and add stickers to your collages. Just drag and drop your photos to make them into a classic collage.

2) Artistic collage

Artistic collage is the best option for social media users. You can preset text, themes and background pics with this option. You can even choose from 3 ratios.

3) Funky collages

Funky collages provide you templates to make your collages look cool and unique. You can express your creativity by using funky collage.

How to use Fotor’s collage maker

1-Open the photos which you want to make into a collage in the collage maker.

2-After that, drag and drop your photos in the collage.

3-Select the format and save the collage.

With fotor, you can use all of the above features and edit your photos online. You not only edit but perform a lot of more functions with the features provided by fotor. You can edit your photos professionally, apply effects on your photos, resize your photos, remove backgrounds, and make your photos into a collage with the online photo editor, fotor. You don’t even need to download fotor to use it as it is available online. You can visit fotor.com to use it online. You can also download the fotor app on your mobile device to use it from there. Fotor is available on both desktop and smartphones.

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