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Looking To Add Some Oomph To Your Wedding Ceremony? Try These 10 Cute Slideshow Ideas!

A wedding is indeed one of the happiest days in the life of a couple. It doesn’t just represent a lifelong union between two beautiful souls, but it also serves as a symbol of eternal love, honor, and devotion.
This is why most couples try their best to turn this special day into a lavish and memorable affair.
However, a wedding is not just a product of its venues, cuisines, attires, decorations, and invitations. It is also defined by the total level of wholesome time that it can provide to its guests.
And what better way is there to make an evening more entertaining, fun-filled and enjoyable than putting up a personalized slideshow!
If you’re struggling to create an idyllic wedding plan, here is a list of 10 incredibly cute and creative slideshow ideas, which can help you add just the right amount of oomph to your big day:

Showcase Your Journey

An extraordinarily endearing slideshow that you can easily make is the one that showcases your entire journey as a couple.
Start by adding photos from the time that you first met and follow these up, chronologically, with pictures from your first date, first vacation, proposal, and engagement. Give your guests a glimpse of the time that you have spent together.
To do this without any hassle, you can go for an invitation maker free download and add your personal pictures in the invitation!

Try Childhood Photos

The next best way to keep your guests hooked is to exhibit a few pictures from both of your childhoods. Still better, use them in sequential order and create an engrossing slideshow that documents your lives from infancy to adolescence. Nonetheless, make sure that the pictures you choose are not embarrassing or uncomfortable for either one of you.

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Go For A Documentary Interview

Do you know what could make your wedding slideshow truly stand out? A documentary-style interview!
While this task entails an extensive effort, recording interviews of friends who know you well can often work wonders in sprucing up your wedding celebrations. So, get your friends to say a few words about you and then play these videos after the ceremony.

Include Home Made Videos

Speaking of videos, there is another innovative idea that you can try with your slideshow – include home-made videos in it.
These can include any funny or interesting clips that you might have candidly shot in your home. Insert videos made on your phone or even amusing Snapchat recordings and give your slideshow, a customized and unique touch!

Compose A Musical Slideshow

Irrespective of which pictures you use for preparing your wedding slideshow, if they are backed by melodious music, the oomph factor of your ceremony would instantly increase!
Try to add good songs or instrumental sets to your music library and ensure that there is a smooth transition between each one of its segments. Let your audience enjoy these compositions in both audio and video formats.

Opt For Recap Videos

Do you remember the exact moment when you proposed to your partner? The butterflies in your stomach, the flutter in your heart? Capture, showcase, and relive these beautiful moments during your wedding, by opting to incorporate recap videos in your slideshow!
These videos can include occasions like couple engagement, bridal shower, bachelor or bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and even other vintage clips.

Tell Stories With Animation

Everyone uses their wedding slideshow as a medium to connect with their families and friends. But when you go beyond the routine tactics and use a captivating narrative to build a story, your guests are immediately engaged!
This precisely is what an animation or clip art design can do. So, use these designs freely to create cute slideshows!

Rope The Family In

The families of the bride and groom tend to usually meet only in a formal/semi-formal setting. This is why roping them in to help you create a slideshow that features their opinions, statements, and interviews can actually prove to be a great idea!
Ask your families to narrate anecdotes of your childhood and get them to speak about your strengths and traits. Not only would this thaw the ice between them, but it would also give you the opportunity to look forward to their outlooks and views!

Crowdsource The Pictures

If having your friends or family pitch in doesn’t sound too good, you can always crowdsource the slideshow pictures from people who are going to attend your wedding!
These are people who have a personal or professional connection with you, and the photos they can provide would reflect the different colors and flavors of your life. Moreover, such crowdsourcing can also retain the guests’ interest throughout the whole slideshow showcase.

Create Theme-Based Slideshows

Last but not least, here is a distinctive idea that can help you make your wedding ceremony catch everyone’s eye – create theme-based slideshows!
If the theme colors of your wedding ceremony are blue and pink, use them extensively in your slides. If there’s a specific costume or natural element that defines the theme of your wedding, use it generously in your slideshow.
Doing so would equip you to create a visually enriching, delightful, and satisfying slide display for all your guests to relish.

In Closing

Wedding slideshows, by and large, don’t just help you set the tone and tenor of your wedding ceremony, but they also enable you to become the singular focal point of the entire occasion. You can use these slideshows to display all your favorite moments and, thus, keep their memory alive for a lifetime.
While you can easily employ video editing software for making an interesting slideshow, if you are wondering what is the best free slideshow maker, your search stops at InVideo. As a leading online video editor, InVideo allows you to make HD quality videos embedded with a variety of colors, texts, music, and animation alternatives.

Want even more tips? Check out this guide on making a perfect wedding slideshow. You will discover do’s and don’ts, suggestions on music, and quotes for your wedding. The guide also features an alternative program for making a slideshow – SmartSHOW 3D. It’s easy-to-grasp software with 600+ templates & effects (including wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc.), music collection, and 3D animations.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and opt for an intriguing slideshow now and transform your wedding ceremony into a day to remember

David is a technology specialist who has been writing about business, technology, and IT-related topics for the past 6 years. He loves working with brands to develop content that helps them connect with their target audience.