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3PLs are used to outsource the distribution and warehousing requirements for their client’s inventory and fulfillment needs. In addition to managing their inventory, 3PLs stock, keep and ship the goods of several other businesses.

Modern businesses need to build healthy relationships with customers through multichannel selling and swift order fulfillment to maintain a competitive edge in the world of omnichannel e-commerce. The secret to exceeding such high standards is integrating third-party logistics (3PL) software into your company model, one that enhances fulfillment optimization and streamlines your warehouse operations using cutting-edge automation.

What is a Warehouse Management System?

Warehouse Management Systems (MWS) are software that helps with resource planning and management, order picking, packing, and shipping, timely inventory restocking, and increasing efficiency with the use of the best staffing options.

Three Best Warehouse Management Systems

3PL software is necessary for logistics organizations to function properly. The broad field of its software includes software packages for managing logistics, supply chains, warehouse management, shipping, freight, and other tasks. Three of the greatest 3PL tools are summarised as follows:

●  3PL Warehouse Manager

Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager offers the most effective cloud-based warehouse management system services, developed to meet the particular requirements of the 3PL warehousing industry. Its platform serves as the foundation of the client’s operations, swiftly transforming paper-based, error-prone firms into service leaders that emphasize customer satisfaction, run, and expand effectively and more quickly.

The system allows for real-time information access and integrates with barcode scanning, EDI, and e-commerce shopping carts as well as other warehouse management technologies. Software scalability enables businesses to streamline operations, satisfy clients, and help manage various stock levels in warehouses.

Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager interacts with QuickBooks, enabling users to synchronize goods, inventory, sales orders, and receipts. Data exchange between the sales team, back office, and supply chain team is another perk of the QuickBooks connection.

●  Logiwa  WMS

The Logiwa Cloud Fulfilment Platform is a fully integrated WMS application and high-volume DTC fulfillment solution. Logiwa WMS offers comprehensive visibility and control, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction that include multiple features for warehouse and inventory management.

It provides clients with enterprise-level capabilities and a plethora of integration in the retail, e-commerce, wholesale, and 3PL industries, making itself best suited for small and medium-sized organizations.

With more than 200 e-commerce, marketplace, and order management systems already pre-integrated, Logiwa’s solutions offer Multi-warehouse operations, guided putaway, intelligent picking, and walking route optimization in digital warehousing. Customized data from Logiwa on inventory status, order fulfillment, shipping status, and return orders are updated in real-time and assist users in making deft choices to improve overall warehouse operations.

●  Körber K.Motion WMS

Korber offers complete solutions to help businesses satisfy customer needs and overcome logistical difficulties. It redefines supply chains around the globe using special modules like voice, vision, mobility, and robots that are powered by the cloud.

It provides the market’s first fully functional HTML5 user interface and is accessible through any web browser on any device. Thanks to its modular architecture, users can choose from a variety of applications depending on what suits their needs best.

Along with other things, Korber K.Motion manages warehouse transfers, picking, packing, route optimization, and advance shipping, enabling the operation of several clients and a diversity of goods in the warehouse. Its Warehouse Management System is a flexible process-based WMS developed to be tailored to companies’ particular business operations.

The Bottom Line

3PL software is essential for warehouse operations to run well. There are several variations of it available online, each with its unique set of characteristics and advantages. The three third-party logistic software programs that are profiled in this article are among the best available and should be considered when making a choice. However, you must take your unique demands and requirements into account before choosing software.

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