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6 Ways Call Centers Can Use AI To Improve Customer Experience

In call centers, artificial intelligence is used for a variety of tasks. Among other things, it can automate repetitive tasks, offer live chat with chatbots or virtual agents to answer client questions, assist in delivering tailored experiences, and provide predictive analytics.

The need for more agents to handle consumer demand on the phone and through digital channels, as well as replacing in-person interactions with virtual ones, has all been cited by CX executives as changes in their contact centers. These changes have increased traffic to the contact center.

Over 41% of businesses in the upcoming year want to hire more contact center staff, and 35% need help locating staff with the necessary experience. CX leaders have hastened plans to use AI since they are overburdened with managing understaffed contact centers.

6 Ways To Improve Customer Experience Using AI

Here are the six ways explained in detail through which you can improve customer experience in call centers.

1. A Call Centre Recording Tool

The act of recording a phone call involves recording the audio and screen activity that goes along with it. Call recording captures the dialogue between a customer and an agent so that it can be saved, accessed, and assessed based on business requirements. 

Additionally, call recording software can record the sequence of screens the agent accessed and any data they entered when used in conjunction with screen recording.  This makes it possible for call reviewers to advise agents on processes better and increase agent productivity by enabling them to listen to a call while simultaneously viewing what the agent was doing in the system.

A great choice of call center recording tool is the eleveo call recording. The call recording software from Eleveo offers a streamlined method for running a successful contact center and offering excellent customer service. Here are some other benefits of using Eleveo.

  • Scalability and agility. For call centers wishing to deploy in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment, Eleveo is the top option.
  • The software is straightforward, simple to use, and easy to understand, hastening the time to value for your company.
  • 24/7 worldwide assistance. They have support staff to answer questions around the clock if you need help or assistance.

2. Less Waiting for Customers

Chatbots can shorten the time customers have to wait in line. This type of AI can frequently do straightforward client operations, like making a payment or changing a password, without human interaction. 

Not just that, Chatbots can serve clients at a time that suits them, even if human agents aren’t available. This means they will be available 24/7, which is something a human can’t do.

3. Total Interaction Monitoring

Additionally, AI significantly increases the number of consumer encounters that may be studied. The limited number of customer and prospect interactions that could be tracked was one of the main problems with contact center quality monitoring until recently. QA managers often have to randomly choose a small number of interactions to gain quality insight due to the limited time they have to manually evaluate all the text discussions, emails, and assistance requests.

With AI text analytics, 100% of all text-based interactions may be automatically analyzed using natural language processing. As a result, QA Managers can now gather information on themes, attitudes, and trends directly from customers without having to put in more manual work.

Text analytics employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze every client interaction in-depth and track details that will assist employees in concentrating their efforts and improving their training. Analysis of every single client encounter enables you to:

  • Determine unusually drawn-out talks and consider why people might not be satisfied.
  • Examine the interactional setting of the consumer.
  • Sort client issues into groups or themes based on their volume.
  • Based on what the customer means, label tickets and chats.

4. Gain a Better Understanding of Customer Behavior

AI may improve customer interactions in a number of ways, building on call analytics. To begin with, call centers will be able to establish best practices around new client swift needs thanks to the trends in customer behavior that AI can spot.

Additionally, AI may provide all of your agents with access to comprehensive consumer data and behavioral profiles. Client service teams can use this information to immediately change their approach to customer retention, upsell and cross-sell, or other particular activities in every consumer interaction by anticipating customer demands.

5. Enhance Call Routing

Using customer profiles to match callers with agents whose abilities were appropriate for helping them, skills-based routing systems weren’t a novel idea long ago. The process of choosing which agent to put on a call is becoming more accelerated by artificial intelligence (AI) and customer service automation.

Contact center software can now use self-learning algorithms with intelligent call routing features to examine client personality models, call history, and behavioral data. It then makes decisions based on that information on how to handle calls most effectively, sending simple, routine requests to support chatbots when possible and only routing calls to live agents when the nature of the request is complicated enough to call for a human touch.

In those circumstances, AI can make use of the information at its disposal to direct calls to the agents who are best suited to handle particular inquiries, ensuring that tickets are resolved promptly and efficiently and freeing up time for everyone.

This technology improves over time in its ability to make successful matches, enabling you to provide clients with improved service constantly.

6. A More Flexible Future

AI is used to identify various events, drivers, and call center interaction results. Now, businesses and organizations can improve their comprehension of different topics, including marketing success, call center service quality impact, and the actual factors that influence client views.

AI’s role in guiding and supporting customer service workers towards better percentages of customer resolutions is gaining considerable momentum as call numbers and client queries double daily. Call centers and AI are continuing to merge, potentially changing the customer service landscape by enabling hyper-personalized customer experiences based on the technology’s capacity for deeper and more precise data analysis.


With the help of other intelligent technologies, such as AI and voice analytics, call centers might be successfully broken down, and the front and back ends of call centers could undergo a successful revolution. Superior client pleasure and experiences will be a priority for AI-powered contact centers. This article explains how AI in call centers can improve CX.

David is a technology specialist who has been writing about business, technology, and IT-related topics for the past 6 years. He loves working with brands to develop content that helps them connect with their target audience.