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When To Sell CS:GO Skins?

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, many users prefer to trade in-game items rather than run rating games. This is due to the fact that the average person wants to earn all the time, increasing their savings. At the same time, most players have never been able to achieve real results because they haven’t analyzed the price changes of the item of interest.

In skin trading, this skill is quite important. After all, if you carry out such operations, you can sell CS:GO skins at a time when the value will be maximum.

Are there people who have regular profits made in this way? Of course, but as a rule, in their inventory are items with a total value that exceeds 1000 USD. For example, by changing the price of AWP Dragon Lore, you can make good money. After all, if it will increase by only one percent, it will mean several hundred dollars of profit.

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If we give advice on when to get rid of the skins, it is worth noting the following:

  1. Carry out the sale operation when the user is not interested in its further use. There are times when players are simply fed up with a certain design and realize that such skin does not bring pleasure. In this case, you can put the weapon for sale. As a rule, transactions are made within 1-2 hours after the publication of the item for sale.
  2. Then, when the price of the item has risen sharply upwards. It is desirable to consider those cases where this figure rose by 20-30 percent. Even if the player really likes the skin, he should understand that this operation is profitable at this point in time. Subsequently, the item can be bought when the price drops significantly.
  3. When a player has decided that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is bored with him and he will no longer run this game. Many players decide to delete the game, but this is their huge mistake. After all, you can get financial gain. Accordingly, after such a decision, it is necessary to publish absolutely all items from the inventory for sale. In certain circumstances, you can earn good money.

Many players prefer to listen to the opinion of professional players. As a rule, those people who are seriously involved in CS:GO, can give good advice relating to trading. After all, they know firsthand which skin design will be in demand in the near future.

The cost is often influenced by changes in the game characteristics of a particular weapon. You may recall the beginning of 2022, when the developers decided to improve the killing power of the M4A1-S. Until then, most players were using the M4A4, but after the update, they changed their choice.

At that time, we could see that the cost of skins on the once popular assault rifle began to drop. Subsequently, the characteristics of the two alternative weapons equalized, and therefore the prices of skins became extremely similar to each other.

Also, players with experience do not recommend getting hung up solely on buying and selling in-game items. They argue that over time, it will not bring pleasure, and therefore also need to use the skins in practice.

That is, choosing them, running the rating games, and seeing how weapons with this design will look in the game. If you look at professional players, only a few of them do not use cosmetic items in the process. There were matches where s1mple even removed his beloved Dragon Lore, using the classic green color instead.

Trading, including the sale of skins through the Steam marketplace, or third-party resources, should be an addition to the main game. Otherwise, the user will abandon such activities after a few days.

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