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The Top 5 Best Dual Berettas Skins

Are you looking for the best aesthetic upgrade for your CS:GO pistols? Discover five popular skins that will give your weapons an outstanding look. Kill enemies in style!

1. Dual Berettas Royal Consorts

This part of the 2016 Glove Collection is one of the most impressive Dual Berettas skins in existence. Both pistols are painted dark grey and covered with thin white lines. Oak leaves are engraved on yellow metal panels of the shutters. The handles are decorated with vivid malachite inserts and an engraved image of a griffin.

All conditions are available, but abrasions are already visible on Factory-New items. They grow over time while the gray paint peels off. On DMarket, prices start at $0.22, which lets you save over 30%.

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2. Dual Berettas | Dualing Dragons

This skin from the Shadow Collection was added in 2015. It is another elegant and eye-catching look. Images of dragons are laser-etched on black shutters. Wooden inserts of the handles are complimented with logos that also look like dragons. 

Dual Berettas Skins
Dual Berettas Skins

You will not see any scratches or abrasions, but the skin becomes darker as it ages. DMarket offers the most competitive prices, here you can get this skin for as little as $0.10. 

3. Dual Berettas | Cobra Strike

This part of the Operation Hydra Collection appeared in the CS:GO arsenal in 2017. If you like neon colors, you will appreciate its vivid appearance. Both pistol bodies are painted in dark khaki. The shutters are neon green at the top, which makes them look like poison bulbs. Their bottom sections are covered with a hexagonal grid. 

Dual Berettas Skins
Dual Berettas Skins

All conditions are available. Abrasions first appear at the Minimal Wear stage, and the pistols also develop a layer of patina, so they look increasingly darker. The lowest price is to be found on DMarket — for around $13.50. This is 40% cheaper than on Steam. 

4. Dual Berettas | Cobalt Quartz

This Lake Collection skin is one of the oldest, as it first appeared in 2013. A pattern of lines resembling crystal texture can be found on the handles and shutters which include different shades of blue. The Battle-Scarred condition is not available. Abrasions, which are visible from the beginning, grow over time. This skin is incredibly cheap despite its aesthetic merits — selling for just $0.13 on DMarket. 

Best Dual Berettas Skins
Best Dual Berettas Skins

5. Dual Berettas | Balance

The Shattered Web Collection, which was released in 2019, contained this stunning look for the pistols. Images of red roses adorn the handles, which are also covered by a silver textured pattern. It covers the shutters, too, while the remaining parts are unpainted. All conditions are available. Get this skin on DMarket for just $0.12!

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Dual Berettas

Where to Buy

While all of these skins are sold on Steam, but you are most likely to find the best prices on DMarket, a secure third-party platform with over 1 million skins for CS:GO and other popular games. Unlike the Valve community, it supports lucrative trading, as members have a wide choice of withdrawal methods. 

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