5 Weird Ways For Your Laptop To Get Damaged

When you’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a laptop, it is natural to want to take care of it. You avoid eating near it, put it away each night, and make sure never to leave it where it might be vulnerable to theft or damage. This type of carefulness usually lasts a few weeks at most.

The unfortunate truth is that our laptops are too much a part of our daily lives to be treated with kid gloves. Ultimately, your laptop is vulnerable to dangers. Some are common, while others are somewhat more… weird.

No matter how careful you are, there is always a danger. Make sure you are covered in case of damage or loss. If you have renters insurance, your laptop should be covered as a part of your “personal property coverage”. This way, you will at least be able to replace your laptop if something happens.

The following 5 weird ways for your laptop to get damaged are, unfortunately, not uncommon.

1. Bouncing off a subwoofer

This happened to my MacBook Pro. I was streaming from my laptop to my TV and placed it on top of my sound system’s subwoofer. All went well until there was a particularly shocking jumpscare, at which point my laptop jumped all the way off the subwoofer and hit the floor.

The damage could have been a lot worse. As things are, a tiny corner of my screen is now oversaturated at all times. Be careful where you place your laptop. Remember that speakers vibrate and the lightness of today’s laptops makes them more vulnerable than you may think.

2. Getting cooked

The internet is rife with stories of people accidentally cooking their laptops. Some of these are truly zany, as is the case with the person who used their laptop as a microwave plate when they weren’t completely sober. Others are more understandable.

A fair number of people use their laptops for recipes when cooking. Placing your laptop on a stove plate that you forget is on is always a possibility. In some cases, a laptop can get cooked simply by being on top of a hot oven.

3. Children

Children are great at destroying things, regardless of their good intentions. Leaving your laptop in the reach of a toddler is a particularly bad idea. They aren’t known for their hand-eye coordination, and you might be too late by the time you see your precious laptop dropping to the floor.

Many young children think they’re doing you a favor when they destroy your laptop. They may decide to clean your dirty keyboard with a glass of water or by washing it in the sink. No matter how well-behaved your toddler is, keep your laptop away.

4. Pets

Similarly, pets can destroy your laptop, even if they have no reason to ever go near it. Cats in particular like knocking things off the edge of the table. But even a sneaky dog might accidentally pull your laptop down when they jump up to steal a snack from your table or desk.

The simple solution is to keep your laptop far from the edge of the table when you’re not using it. This will prevent accidents from happening unless your pet truly has a vendetta against you.

5. Getting stepped on

Of course, one of the most common ways people destroy their own laptops is by stepping on them. Even the most fastidious person sometimes leaves their laptop on the floor, knowing that they’ll pick it up in the near future. However, it’s all too easy to forget that you left it there and crush it.

This is most likely when you leave your laptop on the floor overnight. Your daytime care might be more than enough, but you’ll feel sick to the stomach when you trip over your laptop in the dark.

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