How to Download and Install Robot Car War Transform Fight on PC

Robot Car War Transform Fight is an intriguing robot game where the superhero robots take on the evil ones to save the earth. Of course, the evil robots are aliens who want to wreak havoc, but you stand in their way in the form of superhero car robots.

Transformers somewhat inspire it as the evil robot cars combat, fire, fight, and drive in various locations on earth. Advanced robots with new combat skills make a perfect combo for the lovers of robots and fighting games.

Realistic Robot Cars

The game is a pure delight for someone who loves steel robots. Combine that love with a fight theme, and there is a whole new niche of a challenging gaming experience. The game sequence puts you in a situation where robots fight for their life.

These robots can shoot, race, and have great combat skills, and they come in stylish techy designs, which enhances the gaming experience even further.

As a superhero robot, you’re dealing with an army of evil robots. You can shoot and fight to kill these enemies. Interestingly, the enemies have X-ray robots, which makes the job even harder. When you enter the playing field, the earth is already under attack, so there is a lot of damage repair in your hands.

Create Your Robots

You can customize your robot to make it more powerful as you progress through the game. Your robot can kick, punch, jump around, run, and race through the roads in the city. In addition, you can equip the robots with missiles, and bullets, to ensure they don’t cause further damage.

Game Play Modes

There are two modes in this game. Each mode gives a different gaming experience, so whether you have a lot of time or it’s just a five-minute break from work, you can enjoy the game at any time.

Robot Car War Transform Fight Android Gameplay - YouTube
Robot Car War Transform Fight Gameplay – YouTube

Free Mode

The free mode is a timeless game where you start as a car and drive through an outlawed city. There’s a map that shows the location of enemy robots so you can approach them on wheels and legs.

Kill the enemies with turrets or missiles. In the free mode, you have 99 missiles at the start and an unlimited supply of turrets. As you run out of missiles, you can watch an ad to reload the armor and continue killing them.

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Levels Mode

The levels mode gives you a specific time to kill all the enemy robots. You have much more limited missiles in this mode, which means you must use them wisely to survive through the whole level. As you complete the given tasks, you can move on to the next level.

As far as functionalities are concerned, they are pretty much the same for both modes.

Top Features in the Robot Car War Transform Fight

While the game showcases good graphics quality, there are many other features to look out for. Here’s a quick look:

No Internet Needed

Since it’s a single-player game, you don’t need to talk to other players. So, you can enjoy this game offline.

Multiple Fighting Features

As mentioned earlier, there’s no single way to fight; you can take down the enemies through ammunition in the form of missiles and turrets. Of course, you can chase them on robotic limbs or your car too.

Easy Controls

The game controls are quite easy to understand and use. Just press the race button to accelerate the car and navigate through easy buttons. Next, there is a joystick GUI to operate the robot as it runs through the city.

Moreover, there is a one-tap transform so you can easily switch from robot to car or vice versa any time during the gameplay.

Transforming Enemies

As you progress further in the game, you will encounter flying robot cars and police car robots. It makes the game more intriguing as you progress further and gives you a new challenge every time.

How to Use Robot War Car Transform Fight on PC

You will need the Android Emulator like Nox Player to run the Robot Car War Transform Fight on PC. So, if you don’t have an emulator, you will need to download an Android Emulator first.

Next, find the Robot Car War Transform Fight APK and download it. Now, open the game using the Android Emulator. You can also drag the file to the emulator to install it on the PC.

Alternatively, you can also install the game through your Google account. In such a case, you won’t need to download the APK file on your PC. Instead, just download it directly from the Play Store.


Robot Car War Transform Fight gives a different experience to the users with intriguing graphics and unique gameplay situations. So, it’s a must-try for fight game enthusiasts.

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