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Has Super Mario Bros Wonder Brought New Fun to Platformers? 

What is Super Mario Bros? You must have at least once played this game or have heard of it. This is a fun and timeless classic for people of all ages. In this guide we explore Has Super Mario Bros. Wonder Brought New Fun to Platformers? 

What is Super Mario Bros.?

On September 13, 1985, “Super Mario Bros.” was released in Japan for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Later, in 1985, it was made available in North America as a part of the NES launch. Nintendo’s Creative Department worked on the game, with famous Japanese video game creator Shigeru Miyamoto having a major hand in its development. Other well-known video game franchises like “The Legend of Zelda” and “Donkey Kong” are also credited to Miyamoto.

Has Super Mario Bros Wonder Brought New Fun to Platformers

The plot of the game is straightforward but powerful. In order to save Princess Toadstool (later known as Princess Peach) from the villainous King Bowser (also known as King Koopa), the plumber Mario and his brother Luigi go on a mission. To get to the princess, they have to make their way through the many levels of the Mushroom Kingdom.   

Why is Super Mario Bros. so popular?

Many people agree that Super Mario Bros. was the originator of the platformer genre. Its avant-garde level design, character design, and gameplay established the bar for all subsequent platformers. It brought power-ups, hidden secrets, and scrolling levels, all of which later became standard features in platformers. 

The game’s protagonists, Mario and Luigi, rose in popularity in the gaming community. They are among the most identifiable figures in the business because of their enduring designs and personalities. An ongoing series with multiple spin-off games, sequels, and platform adaptations developed as a result of Super Mario Bros. For Nintendo, the franchise continues to be a significant source of income and innovative ideas.  

Players of various ages and ability levels were drawn to Super Mario Bros. because of its broad appeal. Because of their accessibility, video games are becoming more and more popular among casual and die-hard players alike.

Principles of game design, such as the idea of gradually introducing players to game mechanics and guiding them with visual cues, were greatly influenced by Super Mario Bros. Numerous media, including animated TV series and full-length films, have adapted Super Mario Bros. A wide variety of products, including toys and clothing, are also part of the franchise. 

Even today, the system’s Konami code is part of modern pop culture. It has its own Wikipedia page and a list of pop culture references, such as a plot device in Pixar’s Wreck-It Ralph.

What is the platformer genre?

Video games in the platformer genre, also known as platform games or just “platformers,” are defined by their emphasis on having players guide their characters through a sequence of platforms, barriers, and challenges in a two- or three-dimensional (2D) environment.

In platformer games, moving your character from one place to another by leaping, sprinting, and employing different game elements to get past obstacles and monsters is the main goal. 

The primary gameplay concept is changes between different platforms. These platforms in the game world can be more intricate buildings or just basic ledges or moving platforms. Players must avoid or conquer a variety of hazards and obstacles, including monsters, pits, spikes, and traps, in order to advance through the levels in platformers.

Coins, power-ups, and other collectible things that can improve a character’s skills or increase their score are common in platformers. Players interact with the game world through the use of characters’ special abilities, such as jumping and running, and occasionally special powers or weapons, found in platformer games.  

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