The Most Popular Game Consoles of the 21 Century

The first game consoles appeared almost half a century ago. The production, design, and functionality of this technology had come a long way before it reached the shelves of modern tech stores. It’s fair to note that not all game consoles have been great success stories over these fifty years. Yet, some of them have found the path into our hearts almost immediately. So many of us still fondly recall our first game consoles. They were the source of great fun and big victories. 

These days, new consoles are released almost every year. However, not all of them catch our attention due to tough competition. As many as a few dozen game consoles were released only in the current century alone. Yet, just several of them came here to stay. Let’s see some of the most popular game consoles of the 21st century. 

PlayStation 5 (2020)

The year 2020 blessed us with the releases of the two greatest game consoles in modern times. Of course, that same year also caused us to stay home, for the most part, leaving us not much to do but game. However, we are not complaining. The release of PlayStation 5 has definitely made the pandemic a slightly better experience. 

The PlayStation console series have been dominating the market throughout the 21st century. Yet, the PlayStation 5 took almost seven years to appear on the shelves. However, it was worth the wait. The console came out with great new features like immersive experience through controller movements and much stronger visual effects. Although this console is new to the party, it’s already clear that it’s Sony’s best hit so far. 

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Xbox Series X (2020)

When people wonder which console to buy, they usually choose between Xbox and PlayStation. Last year, these companies did not make it easy for us, again. They both released their new consoles around the same time. What’s even harder, both these versions are worth the money. 

Overall, this model offers great visuals, a boost in performance, and backward compatibility. However, so far, it is deprived of exclusive games, which makes it lose a point to PlayStation 5. Yet, we predict this version will be among the top-selling consoles for quite a while. Thus, it deserves its place in the ranking. 

Nintendo Wii (2006)

Nintendo has been on the market the longest compared to PlayStation or Xbox. However, only in 2006, with the release of Nintendo Wii, the company became a dangerous competitor. To this day, Wii is the best product Nintendo made, judging by its sales. There are many reasons for the console’s popularity, from affordable price to a family-oriented marketing campaign and a great library. With this model, Nintendo aimed to win over people of all ages, making gaming a family experience. It’s fair to say that they succeeded to some degree all due the Wii Sports. 

Wii Sports offer several sports simulations that encourage a rather new concept of ‘active gaming.’ The accent on motion gaming put Nintendo Wii among the leaders in console sales for a few years. With this new simulation games technology, kids could play video games while moving around and being more active. Moreover, they could turn this experience into fun family time and at-home sports competitions. The parents were happy their kids were active. The kids were excited to get a new game console. Everyone was pleased, and Nintendo Wii became one of the most popular game consoles at the beginning of the century. 

PlayStation 2 (2000)

The beginning of the 21st century started with great news for gamers. PlayStation released its newest game console that has immediately become the best-selling console in history. It was sold over 155 million times, making it the most popular game console in the 21st century. The reason behind such success is simple. In 2000, PlayStation 2 caused a revolution in the gaming world.

The game performance, visuals, audio quality, and the number of original games available made PlayStation 2 that much popular at the time. Sony stopped releasing this model only after 11 years of sales, which is a remarkable life span for any gaming technology. Overall, asking why PlayStation 2 became the number one in the gaming industry is like asking why we love football or Why Teachers From All Over The World Go To Work In Africa. The answer to all these questions is ‘just because it is worth our time.’

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