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The Basics Of Playing Apex Legends, What A Beginner Needs To Understand

There are a lot of genres and variations for pastimes in the gaming industry, and one of the most popular is the Battle Royale genre.

PUBG started the whole story by proposing the concept of battles between players against each other according to the principle of the king of the hill, where you still have to find weapons and ammunition, equipment for survival, and fight against other players for the right to be the last survivor in this game.

The Basics Of Playing Apex Legends

The map is quite large, but there are also a lot of players who can attack at any moment, and you always need to monitor the combat situation at 360.

Apex Legends took the project as a basis, but finalized a lot of mechanics and proposed its own concept of a royal battle with agents, dynamic battles, a system of rating matches, and a great prospect for the esports environment.

Rating system

For all competitive games in which players can compete with each other, developers are starting to add a rating system – a method for evaluating the level of the game and an incentive with personal growth to increase the level of difficulty of opponents and increase personal status on a par with the best players in Apex Legends.

How do you rank up in Apex Legends?

As you can understand, winning in such a difficult game is not the only way to prove your effectiveness, since there can be only one winner for a large number of players, and if this were the only factor, then one player out of a hundred would get growth, which is unacceptable from the point of view of interesting game and retention of the audience on the project.

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  1. Kill other players – regardless of whether you win the whole match or not – killing other characters will show your effectiveness on the map.
  1. Collect rare loot – items dropped through the air and just valuable weapons, ammunition, and equipment.
  1. Win the match, or get into the top 3. A more difficult, but at the same time, valuable task – to outlast the majority of players and stay in the top 3 will definitely be rewarded in advancing to the position in the ranking of the best Apex Legends players.

Skycoach is a professional service that provides various services to players in all popular online projects – MMO and Session. To get Apex Legends rating boost, you need to transfer your account to a professional player to perform the service. The service assumes all obligations to ensure the security of the account and guarantees the anonymity and safety of all the values that are on the account.

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You can go about your business, or monitor the status of the service in real-time on the official Skycoach website – in any case, you will receive a notification about the end of the service, and you can log into your account and check the result. Do not forget to change your password and leave feedback about the quality of the work of the service employee.

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How to play ranked matches

You need to choose the format of the game and set how many players in the team you will play – alone, or in a group of up to 4 people.

Depending on the choice, the game system will offer you a format with similar combat units for an equivalent and interesting game.

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Agent system

Unlike other similar projects, Apex Legends focuses on dynamic battles and special skills that each agent has and which must be combined with each other for successful group actions.

An agent is a unique hero with his own strengths and weaknesses and special skills that can be used to protect the group, attack the enemy, or provide various assistance to the squad.

The best agents for rating boost

Which of the characters should be chosen to improve their status in the world of Apex Legends and why.


A full-fledged support shooter and an orderly rolled into one. A true master of drones and vehicles, you can order your devices to raise an ally, while she herself will continue to fight, while other heroes cannot shoot in the process of returning a fallen ally.

Can heal allies by dropping medical aid items from drones – this makes it much easier for the squad to find medicines for treatment and regeneration.


Defensive type shooter with potential high regeneration in combat and outside of collisions with the enemy. Ammunition generation master and cover fighter.

When the hero does not take damage for a few seconds, natural health regeneration begins, which makes the character a great option for beginners who do not need a first-aid kit when they have a cover.

You can always install an ammo bag and replenish your ammo without having to look for weapons and ammo on the game map – you just need to find good weapons and learn how to properly use your natural regeneration bonus.


The shooter of the suppression of opponents and at the same time the defender of the squad and himself personally.

Can deploy a blocking shield that prevents you from taking direct damage to the front, but be careful – you are still vulnerable to the flanks and rear, and can also take damage from grenades if they are thrown over the hero.

The Bastion can use light artillery to carry out indirect strikes against enemies that are in the line of sight or behind cover.


A character who is distinguished not only by his shooting potential but also by his skills to identify and destroy the enemy, who can use camouflage.

He sees footprints on the ground and knows how to recognize them correctly in order to find out exactly where the enemy is and in what direction he is moving. Moreover, a bloodhound can use the means to mark the enemy, and then it will not even be necessary to monitor the movement of the enemy – the target itself will be visible for a period until the skill expires.


A character who is considered a master of deception and doppelgänger.

Uses the skill to place a decoy that imitates the actions of the hero himself and causes the enemy to be distracted by him and use resources to destroy the threat, which is actually a false one.

It can also create a full-fledged double for a short period of time, which will help in battle.


An agile and very stealthy character who can warn allies of the danger of nearby enemy characters, but without determining detailed coordinates.

The hero can establish contact with another dimension and become invulnerable and invisible for a while but also loses the ability to attack opponents.

Can use portals to communicate with two points on the map for free movement between them for himself and his allies.

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