How to Write Posts for Social Networks Properly and Nicely?

How do you write a good post for a social network that will be shared? What should I write a post about? Is there a manual for writing posts on Instagram?

There is an opinion: writing posts is long and complicated. The purpose of this article is to prove that writing a post and attracting an audience can be simple if you know a few steps and follow our algorithm. It’s enough to write two or three posts based on our recommendations, and the skill will take hold. After that, good posts will be produced in as little as twenty minutes.

We will consider universal recommendations, suitable for writing posts on any social network.

1. What to write about — finding ideas

First of all, you need to choose an interesting topic: often the problem of most bloggers or business accounts is a lack of ideas. Notice interesting things around you, get inspired by news in the field and in the world, write down topics, because ideas come unexpectedly! That way you won’t have to waste time looking for a topic.

2. Defining the purpose of the post

Once you’ve chosen a topic, set a goal. What will subscribers learn? Why is this information useful? What will they do with it? An articulated goal will make the text coherent and structured. If there is no clear goal, the author’s thought jumps from one thing to another, the reader finds no answers to questions, gets bored, and flips through the post. Focus on the needs of the audience, do not get hung up on your own interests.

3. Structure

Although some authors’ longreads get thousands of likes, usually people on social media like concise texts more than long ones – they want to have fun, not delve into a complicated article. That’s why it’s important to highlight talking points and use them to create a structure for the post. The structure smoothly “leads” the reader through the text, bringing them to the bottom line.

Formulate the thesis statement for each point in the following structure, come up with approximate subheadings:

  • title and abstract (announcement, preamble) — include the main topic and perhaps an amplifier;
  • introduction, introduction — brief, but with meaning, formulates the main question, reveals why it is important and how it will help the post;
  • the main part — the answer to the question;
  • conclusion — summarizing, inviting a dialogue, or encouraging the purchase of the product.

4. Writing a draft

At this stage prepare the basis of the text according to the given structure. Disclose the main concepts, find and add facts, convincing examples for the audience. At this stage you should not try to write a “beautiful” post: now it is important to collect and organize the necessary information and put it into a previously thought-out structure.

5. Turn the Text into a Literary Masterpiece

If you have copied a text from somewhere else, it may contain professional terms, complicated constructions that will be inappropriate for your subscribers: make the text accessible for the audience. That said, simple language doesn’t mean primitive. In addition, avoiding officiousness and clerical language, it is important not to slip into familiarity.

Only facts would not be enough for a good post — you need to bring the audience to emotion, showing them their own point of view on the issue. Make the narrative colorful.

Now it’s time to add emotion, tension, drama, development, and a climactic denouement to the facts and information. Add adjectives, beautiful introductions, and references to your past material. Note: Don’t use generic speech patterns, clichés, or clichés.

6. Spelling, punctuation, typography

If all is well, work on spelling and punctuation. Titles, bulleted lists, links, and quotes from different social networks allow you to design differently: as a rule, you cannot change the font size and color. Use emoticons and the various emojis available. Separate blocks of meaning with a line or “***”. ► ↕ ☼ ♀ ◄ § ▬ →←↔▲▼, use symbols and checkboxes for lists. If you use them appropriately, the text will look prettier and be easier to understand.

7. How to design a post?

Provide the visuals. In the instructions on how to write a post for Instagram, this point would come first. A post with a beautiful picture on the topic always attracts more attention than plain text. Also, online editing tools and services like retoucher online can help you. Don’t forget that you can add charts, graphs, and other visual material.

Squares or horizontal 1200×630 photos are considered optimal for Facebook, vertical frames are undesirable, and 1080×1080 for Instagram.


The best effect is given by posts that subscribers share with friends. So what motivates people to copy the company’s post to themselves?

Self-presentation. People repost content that supports their image. That’s why a fitness coach shares motivating pictures and descriptions of workouts, a budding entrepreneur shares articles on business and self-development. This allows you to demonstrate your values, goals, and beliefs to your friends.

Getting to Know Yourself. Many repost content with vivid touches that reflect everyday life: conflicts in the family, irritation from morning traffic, conflicts with management or subordinates. People respond to emotional triggers related to what’s bothering them.

Strong emotions. It can be elation, indignation, sadness, hatred – anything. By reposting, a person expresses their attitude toward a high-profile event.

Belonging to the audience. Many people tend to be interested in what is important to others. For this reason, popular news, new memes, and comments on scandalous topics spread widely.

Benefit. Sharing cases and best practices, people feel that they help others. In addition, such content on the wall shows that self-development (self-presentation) is important for the user. Another reason to repost such a publication is the possibility to save it and reread it later, as needed.

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